My Sew-Sew Life-New Floral Spring Dress

New Dress


The Pattern

A while back (pre-Covid), I wanted a new dress for a special event at a botanical garden which combined flowers and fashion.

Looking though my pattern stash, I settled on Vogue 1348, a design by Tom and Linda Platt. Purchased ages ago in case I would need the perfect dress for something, the femininity of the pattern’s fit and flair attracted me. The princess seamed design has six deep pleats making an elegant flared silhouette. The bateau neckline finishes the look. Pockets are hidden within the side pleats.



The dress is fully lined with some underlining which I left out (more on that later) and finished off with an invisible zipper. The original design ends above knee but I thought mid knee was more elegant and added some length.


There weren’t any special techniques needed for this dress. I would rate it as an advanced beginner project.

The Fabric

An event at Kansas City’s premier botanical garden needed a flower print. Also, this design needed a crisp fabric to give it the elegant flair that I wanted. I chose fabric from my stash that I found on clearance at JoAnne’s Fabric, a Nicole Miller design, Petal Power. I think it was a perfect match for this Vogue pattern.


This 100 % polyester fabric consists of two layers: a bottom printed solid layer, and a sheer printed layer on top. As the two printed layers move against each other, they give off a somewhat three-dimensional feel.

Sewing with double layered fabric was a bit tricky. As a precaution, I sewed a stay stitch around all fabric pieces after cutting them out. The two layers are attached at intervals but still can slip a bit without that edge stitch.

Having the sheer layer gave me the option of a hem detail that was not in the original sewing instructions. Cutting lengths of sheer fabric apart from the solid layer, I was able to create binding for the bottom hem.

The lining included two sections of gathered flounces at the bottom. The pattern called for an organza lining (to add volume) but my fabric already came with a top layer of organza and didn’t need the extra support. I decided to use a  polyester cream lining and edged it with 7″ wide lace that lengthened the lining just a tad shorter than my dress, my little elegant secret that I’m sharing with you.

The sheer hem binding and the lace. I also used lace hem tape
My review of this pattern on Pattern Review is HERE

The Wrap

Uh..oh! The weather forecast indicated that it might be too chilly for a sleeveless dress. I needed to come up with a wrap.


Going to my pattern stash again, I picked Vogue 8721, a Elizabeth Gillett design (below). This pattern is out of print but one can still pick it up on ETSY. I bought it originally for view B but view A with a bow was the style I decided upon for this look.

A nude colored chiffon from Joann’s Casa Collection seemed to go well with my dress colors. But the chiffon fabric is not at all stiff or good for making bows. The bow was too floppy. Hmm…


For the main body of the wrap, I used a double layer of fabric and spent some time creating a scalloped edge. Why? I just wanted something different–okay, it’s simple to do while watching Netflix.

But mainly the scallops helped me solve the floppy bow problem. I was able to run  28 gauge silver art wire inside the scallops of the bow which helped to give the bow some body and life.



With all the different colors and shapes going on in this abstract floral design, I felt neutrals and golds were needed. The double strapped nude with hint of pink pumps were spot on for the dress. They were a pre-loved purchase from Poshmark.

The jewelry had to be gold. Only gold could have stood up against the dress’s colors. Even the textured, vintage Rodo purse sports gold on the interior handle.

My gold necklace by MCK Designs is based on a seed motif, perhaps appropriate for a garden event. I dithered on the gold cuff (also MCK) but I love it so much I just went with it. There’s always room for my multi-strand gold and pearl bracelet, picked up at the Kansas City Symphony’s boutique some time back.

Fashion and Flora at Powell Gardens

It would be a shame not to share some of our evening. I was hoping that the official event photos would be on line by the time I published so I could include a photo of Michael and I. It’s so much more fun when he goes to these things with me. He managed to get the director of Powell Gardens to let him in the gift shop so he could look at seed packets (she later mailed him the ones he wanted).

Just me, taken by Michael in the conservatory which is part of Powell Garden’s visitor center. It’s always so beautiful there, but when it is filled with orchids…oh my!

With some of my favorite women…

me, Sarah Nelsen, Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer and Barbara Fishman

Tom and Linda Platt

Finally, I would like to share a bit about the designers of my dress. Tom and Linda Platt  met in Art School at Pratt Institute. They fell in love making a dress together for their first date. They collaborate on creating timeless clothes that are at home in “Peoria to Paris”.

Platt silhouettes are streamlined with daring color combinations and bold details. Above all, their garments are beautifully made.

The problem for the average shopper is finding their gorgeous designs. Their address and showroom is 55 West 39 Street, 17th Floor, New York, 10018. Occasionally they have sample sales.

The duo also host trunk shows at various boutiques throughout the United States.

I have found a few of their designs on Poshmark and eBay, but just a few. I think once a women buys a Platt, she hangs on to it because it is so timeless. Their clothes are an investment, even pre-loved can be pricey.

Thank goodness, I sew because they are also regular contributors to Vogue Patterns. Sometimes, when a designer does a line for a store, say Target, I can’t even relate to what is in the store to work I’ve seen attributed to the designer. But the Platt’s aesthetic very much shines through their creations for Vogue.

Below is an example. I found a photo from one of their current trunk shows. There is my dress but with a bubble skirt rather than a straight.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.43.28 PM

Sewing this dress was so much fun. It was as though I collaborated with these incredibly talented designers! As I get back to sewing more and more, this blog will reflect it. Adding something of yourself–choosing fabric, colors–and then bringing the pattern to life is a wonderful feeling. (Sometimes one even gets compliments!) I truly believe that with a little help and inspiration, we all can create.

Michael reminds me of a quote he picked up somewhere: Human beings tend to be at their best when they are creative.

A Review of Today’s Links-they did add up!

Elizabeth Gillett

Joann’s Casa Collection

MCK Designs


Powell Gardens

Rightfully’s Sewn

Tom and Linda Platt

Vogue Pattern 1348 by Tom and Linda Platt

Vogue Pattern 8721 by Elizabeth GillettETSY

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Michael gets credit for the photos of me and does a bit of editing from time to time.

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40 thoughts on “My Sew-Sew Life-New Floral Spring Dress

  1. Gorgeous dress and absolutely perfect fit on you. I am wishing for the spring flowers to bloom in this part of the world, but until then I will add.ire from afar. Thanks for linking up with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I think better fits are possible when you make your own=I first did a muslin which helps greatly. We’ve had some Daffodils and Crocus brave this cold spring we have been having, but that is it on the flower front.


    1. Thank you Trina, This is only the second dress I’ve made during the past ten years. I’ve decided to commit more sewing time to dresses. I think I’ve always felt that separates made more sense because of their versatility, but a great dress it just that, so fingers crossed that I get around to making some more.


    1. Thanks, Sally..the funny thing is that I’ve had this pattern for about 5 years and just thought it would be one that I just wouldn’t make-but I am sure glad I changed my mind. Adding all those little extras, that’s one of the pleasures of doing it yourself. I don’t know if all patterns have the opportunities to do that like this one; but it’s a fun challenge to find something you can do a bit different and make it more your own.


  2. Wow, ! The style of dress and the colors all look fabulous on you Terri! I was just saying to my husband, I don’t have fit and flare dresses and think they look great! I also love that you made your lovely wrap to go with in accordance with the weather. This is an elegant look, love that you stuch to neutrals with all of the color too! in addition to your dress, I would love the yellow one you shared, so pretty.. I always am impressed with ladies who can sew well and make their own garments!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I don’t make to many dresses, but I’ve enjoyed wearing this one so much, I been thinking about adding a few more. Light neutral was a nice change from all the black that is always worn everywhere, and believe me there was a lot of black at the event. Thanks for visiting.


    1. My Mom, made my clothes too, up until I turned 13 then it was, “learn how to sew better, because I’m done.” At the time, it seemed like a bum rap, but as I got the hang of it, the whole creative thing became addictive. So, thank you for saying I’m clever, but I think my Mom was clever because she made me do it. As far as my own daughters, one sews and the other doesn’t so who know why someone picks it up and another doesn’t. I do think sewing is coming back into its own because I see more sewing classes offered.

      Thanks, for coming by and especially for leaving a comment. That always helps me discover new bloggers. Take care, Terri


  3. I think those shoes are my favorite thing about this look. They’re super cute! I’ve been thinking about how I need a pair like that!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. They are by BCBGeneration, which unfortunately is no more. I found them on Poshmark just for this dress. As popular as nude has been, I really just didn’t have anything close to it. I love these shoes and to find them pre-loved for less than $20 was even sweeter.


  5. Love. This. Dress.
    Love. This. Outfit.
    Love. You!

    Feel inspired to get dressmaking again, started when I was 12-13 and stopped in my 30s.

    Hugs, x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the wonderful complement.

      I didn’t know you had sewn. Mom made me make a housecoat when I was 10 (and hated the whole experience). But like you, I seriously started sewing when i was about 13.

      I stopped in my 40’s. I made Michelle’s wedding dress which was along the Victorian vein and got pretty burned out after that adventure. I was going to take just a small break but then got my first three Shetland sheep the fall of ’96.

      Knitting had been slowly taking over my creative life since the late 80’s but it really took after i got the sheep. And then I had to do all the things that goes along with getting sheep: showing sheep, fleeces and spinning yarn and teaching classes a fiber festivals.

      So the sewing vacation ended up lasting 14 years. But, now I’m letting my flock just grow old with me (I have 11 now rather than the high of 30 about 12 years ago) and sewing is much easier on my hands than knitting and spinning.


    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes, I’ve been sewing on and off since i was 13. Right now, I’m pretty much on. I have a stash of fabric I need to do something with rather than it just sitting around on the shelf!


  6. I absolutely love your dress! You are so talented! I need to take some sewing lessons because I’d love to be able to make my own clothes. Thanks for linking up Terri! BTW, you are one of my favourites from last week 🙂

    Emma xxx


    1. Thank you, Emma and I did see that when i linked up this week. Oh, do take a lesson or two. With a good teacher, anything is possible and you could be sewing like a dream. Creating something yourself is so rewarding. Terri xox


  7. HOLY COW you MADE THAT?!! What?! That’s freaking amazing. I am in awe of you, Terri! It’s absolutely beautiful – the shape, the colours, the print. All of it. And I love how you styled it too. Absolutely beautiful!
    I saw a dress in a very similar shape a month ago in a thrift shop and I didn’t buy it. I’ve been kicking myself ever since!
    Suzy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Suzy-Yea, I’m an old sewest from way back. Honestly, my blog now is mainly half sewing and half SIA now. This was an older post but I rewrote and republished it to coincide with a review of the pattern at Pattern Review.
      Can you go back to the shop and see if the dress is still there? This is such a classic shape.
      Take Care


  8. Terri, I have no words to express how I like your dress!!! It’s a master piece of yours and you look so beautiful with it. And I fully agree that it’s a blessing to be able to sew. I always say to Thomas: I’m so happy that my father taught me how to sew. It’s such a wonderful hobby,isn’t it?
    Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy.
    XOXO Reni

    Liked by 1 person

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