A Balancing Act

For me, styling a look is not so different from creating a design. I use many of the same thought processes that I use when creating or teaching art. Elements need to be balanced to create a pleasing coherent composition. Line, color, shape and texture all can be counterpoised to play off each other but at the same time complement. There can be a dominant element and the other elements can be used to support and carry out a theme.

With this introduction, I will talk about my choices made for what I wore to Kansas City Fashion Week’s Friday night fashion show. When I wear my Amina Marie hat, I am creating the dominant element in my design. Many hats have this power. Previously, I showed this hat with an eclectic textured design. This time I was better served with a clean minimal palette. 

My base is a vintage 100% lined wool (no label but made in the USA), very simply designed dress. Yes, it was thrifted and was the perfect piece for what I had in mind. Only three other pieces were needed. Each of these pieces have subtle designs of their own, but together they play nicely. 

And it has pockets!

 My Tahari shoes have three textures and tones: dark grey suede, medium grey reptile-like texture, and black elastic. They were new last year and besides the texture I was attracted to the more pointed toe. I know this toe feature is not going to appeal to everyone but I like variety to choose from.

My clutch also has texture and shade variations that I appreciate. The Leo clutch, because of the star laser cutouts, plays with light and shadow on its surface. The zipper coil edge just makes it more interesting but not overpowering. Rebecca Minkoff has had a lot of fun designing different versions of the Leo. I could see me owning more than one of these beauties. 

Kansas City jewelry designer Lilly Dawson created my Quad Link necklace. She creates some beautiful pieces for good value. This chain link piece adds a modern edge to any look. The three different metal tones makes it very versatile. I haven’t tried it, but I think it might make a great bracelet too. 

Some textures just can’t be seen from the distance so, again, I have put together a still life. This photo shows off the lush texture of fur felt. It has so much of a softer and thicker texture than the usual wool felt. With this photo, I can also show you why I wanted these booties. Face it, I am a texture loving woman and these just were my version of perfect texture play.

This little guy went with me. He’s small and no one ever really knows he’s there, but I do. He came from my favorite online jewelry maker out of Thailand, Gemsporium (eBay).

Hello, I’m Terri’s tiny little finger jaguar!


Would you like to see some pics from Friday night? I hope so because I have three.

With my favorite milliner, Amina. Amina is wearing one of her new ready to wear hats. As soon as she has her new website up, be assured I will announce it here. She is having her original designs manufactured in New York.


I also wanted to share my two favorite lines from Friday evening.


Asiatica creates garments using vintage and new materials for a unique look. Asiatica mission statement is to create “Japanese inspired, American made-Timeless Clothes For a Worldly Woman”. Although Asiatica has been designing and producing garments in Kansas City since 1977, this was their first appearance at Kansas City Fashion Week. It was an amazing collection.


Michael Drummond (St. Louis and of Project Runway fame) brought it with his amazing surreal nocturnal digital prints of nature. These were amazing. This young man is becoming a bad habit. Again, I brought one of his pieces home with me. If you want to see his designs closer, you will need to go to his Istagram feed.

This brings me to the end. I think today that I sure sounded like an art teacher. It was fun to talk about styling in terms that I have used so often during my lifetime. Frankly, that is how I think when I decide what to wear for a special occasion. I guess you could say I style with design in mind.
That’s all I have for today so…….

I will say adieu.
I will see you next week and in the meantime, Happy Styling!


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Photo credit for this week goes to Michael for my photos and me for the rest with the exception of the photos from KCFW. They were found on the KCFW Facebook page.



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