Fall Garden Party

Last Sunday was a perfect Indian Summer day to have a garden party celebrating the beginning of Kansas City Fashion Week. We mingled at the beautiful Van Noy mansion in Kansas City, MO, for brunch and cocktails.

I wore an oval vest that I picked up about four years ago at the Vero Beach Museum of Art in Vero Beach, FL. My sister and I were there to see the Katherine Hepburn: Dress for Stage and Screen exhibit. Afterwards, of course, we had to visit the museum gift shop where I spied this beautiful floral oval vest. Frankly, I was on the fence about getting it but my sister really pushed me into it. I’m glad she did because it is a delight to wear and it is a great piece because it would work with any body shape. 

This vest can be worn a few ways. Last Sunday, I chose to close it with a simple safety pin which can’t be seen at all.

Again, I have relied on my black column. My 100% silk pants are old (six years maybe?) Charter Clubs from Macy’s that I altered to reflect my changing taste. Originally, they were very wide-legged and baggy. 

The long sleeve layering shell from Chi Chi is the piece that finally made this look possible. I now have two Chi Chi shells (the other color I have is burgundy 3/4 sleeve) and wish they carried a dark brown one.

Now to the ever important accessories.  My clutch is a black patent leather by Alfani (eBay). The ring is (as described by the seller): NATURAL EMERALD,CHROME DIOPSIDE,W CZ STERLING 925 SILVER and is from the eBay store Gemsporium out of Thailand. This store is highly rated and their quality is excellent and delivery is within one week. Gemsporium’s jewelry is very popular and you will have to work hard to win a auction. I will also add that this store has an amazing community story.

This bracelet was just in my post last week. I  found it in the Kansas City Symphony Guild‘s small pop-up shop that they always have during concert season. The guild’s shop has always been one of my favorite place to shop and I know I’m not alone. There is always a crowd in their small space.

My earrings never show but I do love these Peridot drops which Michael gave me for Christmas. I know they came from an art museum catalogue but not sure which one. I could do a whole article just on gorgeous items from art museum catalogues this season. I just got my Met catalogue this week and, oh wow.

And finally the shoes. They are Nine West (TJ Maxx) and with their lace texture are great when you want to dress up something or add texture to a black outfit.


I felt this necklace deserved a closer look with it’s Druzy Quartz as a focal point. This piece is by a Kansas City designer and I picked it up at the Symphony Guild shop during concert season a couple of years ago. However, I cannot remember the name of the designer. I am going to ask at the next concert if anyone in the guild remembers her name because it is driving me crazy!

The Polished Accessory

This coppery shimmery duochrome beauty was was the one I picked this time. Even as I write this piece, I still have it on. I love duochromes and Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Elvis in the Clouds is certainly a gorgeous one. Unfortunately RBL closed shop about a year ago. You can still find some of their polishes on eBay but at inflated prices.

Snapshots of a Garden Party 

From far left and moving clockwise: Sarah Hicks of Noble Native, Jennifer Janesko of Janesko Designs, Ami Beck of Dolyn Bags and Katie Van Luchien of KSquaredKC


Stuart Brown (far left) of Tutor Woodworks discussing the adventures of owning and restoring a historic home, the Van Noy mansion.


It was such a beautiful day but the grass played havoc with heels.

Would You Like a Vest Like This?

Originally, I hadn’t even thought about having a section on how to make this garment. However, when I tried to find some like pieces that were similar on-line, there were none to be found (I only found heavy winter type pieces). 

Before I start, let me say that I have not made my own vest yet. I’ve written these instructions after thinking how I would go about making it and I hope they are clear. If there is something that is not clear, please let me know.

This type of vest was very popular on Pinterest a couple of years ago.  I am including two links that might be helpful.


After laying my vest out flat, I saw that it was only a simple circle so I set about making a diagram. I think this would be the perfect beginner sewing project and what drama for your effort!

I couldn’t get a view where it didn’t look like an oval but it really is a circle!

My finished vest is a 56″ circle. I would add an extra 1/2″ all the way around for seam allowance.

I have it in the back of my mind to eventually create one from silk. Some silk does come that wide. But most of the time it doesn’t–so really watch the width of any fabric you choose. If my silk was something like 52″ wide, I probably would make my circle smaller and hope the lesser length would look just fine. If the silk was only 45″ (much of it is), I would have to give a big sigh and go on searching.

My favorite online fabric store is Mood Fabrics and they have gorgeous silks, silk blends and silk like fabrics that would look beautiful for this project. And there is plenty of 56″-60″ fabric to be had.

You will need two lengths of fabric that are 1 5/8 (142 cm) yards long. This piece is reversible and I think two coordinated prints would look great.

This diagram is the finished dimensions of the vest. I would add an extra 1/2″ all around for a seam allowance which would make a 57″ circle.

There is a close up below of the arm hole so you can see the shape. My diagram has a slightly more rectangular shape to the armholes.  Some of the DIYs  I’ve seen just have a slit for the armhole but I think you need more room for the shoulder so I would go with the oval. Also it might be a good idea to draw out a pattern for the armholes on a separate paper and trace them on your circle. 

I am very big on cutting a paper pattern, but that is up to you. Back in the day, I would tape together the want ads of the newspaper to get paper large enough. Butcher paper, artists newsprint or freezer paper would be some other options. 

After cutting out your fabric pieces, turn the two pieces right sides together and with a 3/8″ seam, sew around the circle, leaving a small opening to turn your vest. 

Turn the pieces so the right sides are now showing and press them thoroughly. Pin and base each front and back armholes together (or machine stitch). 

Now bind the armholes and you will be done.
The armholes are bound with the same fabric. I would cut strips at least 1″ wide for this. If you can, cut them on the bias. This will let them go around the curves much better.

That’s all I have for today so…….

I will say adieu.
I will see you next week and in the meantime, Happy Styling!


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Photo credit for this week goes to Michael for the photos of me. The photos of the garden party and DIY section are by yours truly. 

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