Printed Cold Shoulder Top

I kept putting this photo shoot off because it is so hot and humid here in Missouri. These are truly the “dog days of summer.” It’s so bad that my dogs and my rabbit, Mr. BB, my old Angora bunny, spend their afternoons sleeping not far from one another on my kitchen floor. When it’s not too hot, I put ice bottles in Mr. BB’s rabbit run. But when it’s so humid like this, it’s chillin’ indoor time.

OK, on to style. I finally found a cold-shoulder top that I wanted. Off the shoulders styles are just a no go for me. With all that I have in the “top-shop,” I would have to wear a strapless bra. I tried those back in the day and absolutely hated the strapless. They were so uncomfortable and I felt very insecure in them. So when I saw the cold shoulder design, I knew it was a style I could wear. 


There were things that I wanted and didn’t want with this top. It couldn’t be a solid color and the fabric couldn’t be jersey. I was looking for a print. Also, I am suspicious how long this look will be in and so didn’t want to spend that much money. Those kind of parameters usually send me looking on eBay and I think I looked for a month before this one popped up. It is 100% Rayon (which means it’s super soft) by Entro. This particular piece was being resold by a lady because she decided it was too small for her.

I liked everything about this top. The pale neutral pink with the dusty blue pattern and front crochet makes it so different than anything else I have. And can we say Hippy-Dippy? It hearkens back to my glory days in the 70’s. I’ve been wearing this top for two weeks now and it has passed the test. I was worried about the Rayon being warm, but with the cutouts, I can feel the air on my arms and it’s delightful. The extra contrast pattern of the bottom ruffle is just icing on the cake. This company has Boho down.

The starfish cuff was found somewhere online, but I can’t remember where. I would have to ask my oldest daughter, because she found the place and I just put in a few things on her order. We do that a lot.

This leather bag is one of my favorites. I found it drastically reduced at a small Kansas City boutique a year ago last spring. There is no tag with a brand name, just “made in Italy” and it is lined with leather. The ostrich embossed leather and the braided corded edging adds those little details that I look for. My Ellen Tracy slings and the neutral pink of the bag match like they were made for each other.



A closer view of the print and my Erin Paige Kansas City crown necklace.
Stella and Dot earrings. I have had these for years and they are so perfect for this look. I have no idea what’s going on with my hair in that brown streak.

The Polished Accessory

This part is probably the least interesting to my readers, but I started out as a nail blogger and still love the stuff. Just blogging  about nails ended up soooooo boring for me. I already had on Julep’s Cassidy (I know, here she goes with another blue). I am a Julep Maven and don’t have any trouble with the company. I say no when I don’t like a box and probably only get three boxes a year. 

I thought the blue was a tad too strong for this blouse, so I went with one of my favorite glitter toppers; Love, Lace and Lilacs by Lynnderella.  It’s one of her classics and I think one of the most beautiful polishes ever made. If you don’t know about Lynnderella, for nail polish, she single handed started the Indie movement. She is the Queen of glitter, as far as I’m concerned. But I only have a few bottles. She’s pretty expensive, so my collection is very limited. 

Back to fashion, my straight legged stretch jeans are another one of my thrifty finds. I didn’t think too much about them when I picked them up from Good Will last summer. They ended up in the basket because there were no zippers or elastic, but they fit like a dream. The secret lies with the magic cross piece that overlaps in the front.  Now, I wear them more than any other jeans. If they ever wear out, I am going to have to take them apart and cut a pattern. I will always need a pair of jeans like these!

That’s the end of my adventure with my new cold shoulder top.   So, it’s goodbye until next Sunday. Take care and Happy Styling!


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The photography credit this week goes to my hubby, Michael, for the portraits of me.


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