Spring Break-Hats and Wraps #2

When the Joplin School District had Spring Break, Michelle hired her fill-in veterinarian and brought the boys for five days to spend at the farm. They also went to Kansas City (we are just one hour away) to spend time with her sister and to pick up some culture. Our son-in-law is the clinic’s office manager and stayed to man the ship and keep everything running smoothly.

During Michelle’s visit, we sewed, knitted, ate and had a great time. She taught me how to use our jointly owned serger which I had been putting off. I will use it in the future and when I actually make something on it, I will let everyone know!

We ended their trip with a few pictures for the fun of it. They were just in time for Judith’s Style Crone’s April Hat Attack.


I fell in love with this vintage pillbox on eBay and really didn’t worry if I had a place to wear it. It does seem to be wool and the label says Bellini Original. I don’t know to much about hat makers but did find some other Bellini hats on ETSY. I always like to find out some history of a vintage item or the company that made it, but I came up with nothing. I probably just need to look a little harder.

I saw what Michelle brought to wear for the picture and then with hat in hand headed to the closet to style something that would go with her. In the end, we went with the black/gray/pink tones. With us, as usual, it’s a bit of the new, vintage and refashioned.


Michelle’s top is from Mimu Maxi out of New York. Their line is a minimalist style and made in the USA. With it, she is wearing what is called a “skirt legging”. This one is refashioned from a very stretch A-line skirt that she thrifted. The shoes are mine. I liked that their abstract pattern matched the pattern in her printed scarf. 


A close up of Michelle’s wrap. This child has an incredible amount of scarfs. After 100, I think she lost count. She gets them new, used, from here, there and everywhere. From what I’ve seen her do, this is a simple style. She only used two scarfs and no jewelry.

I fell in love with two of her Wrapunzel scarfs and had to go online and order a couple to style with my wardrobe. I gave a link to Deep Ocean one of the most gorgeous scarfs I have ever seen and is one of those I purchased.

And now to me for a bit.


I’ve already talked about my hat. The jacket is a pink, grey and black chenille textured that I thrifted. I picked this up about two years ago on my first excursion to thrift shops with Michelle. My pants are old ( six years maybe?) Charter Club silks that I altered to reflect my changing taste. They were very wide legged and baggy originally. My shoes are my trusty neutral Nine Wests that I wear a lot in the Spring.



My top under the jacket was just so-so 

and as I do a lot, added a scarf and tied 

it into a bow.


Just a close up



Our oldest grandson William with our 

oldest daughter Michelle.

He is taller that she is now.

 How fast they grow up!

The last two weeks have spoiled me. Posting with the girls is so much fun. Next week I will be all my myself.

And closing with some sweet eye candy. Michelle enjoys making and decorating cakes. She follows quite a few Australian cake makers on YouTube. She made this one for her Dad. He lives up to our last name and is the gardener of the family. This recipe had rose water among the ingredients and was heaven on a fork!


Take care until next time. 


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