It Was A Windy Day In Joplin

We certainly didn’t need wind machines on this day. Mother Nature did just fine. January 9th in Joplin probably wasn’t the most cooperative day to take a few photos.  But earlier, I made a deal with my Grandson; if he would take some pictures of me I would return the favor and take some shots of him. A deal was struck and Grandmother and Grandson braved the elements (along with my girls, Sophia and Millie) to pursue some photographs. 

Today’s post features “Candied Yam“, my Tri-Becca velvet hat. Tri-Becca Design is the creative efforts of Rebecca Lawrence. Rebecca lives, works and creates in Kansas City, Missouri. I met her through The Kansas City Fiber Guild and immediately knew I needed one of her hats. As a lover of orange and vintage pins, this chapeau quickly found its way to my head. 

I’ve already related about my hat, but there are some other things in this photo that I am very fond of.  And here they are………………..

  • My bag is a vintage Rodo (Ebay). Rodo of Italy has been creating beautiful purses since 1956. If I do many of these “my style” post, Rodos will pop up quite a few times. 
  • The jacket is from last year’s clearance sale from a little boutique “What To Wear” in Butler, Missouri. It was on 90% clearance and I do love big lapels.
  •  The scarf I am wearing is a wonderful mix of cheetah print and lace. You will see more of it below. It was a thrift-shop score and I so love those senior days at Goodwill!
  • The shoes are brown and black heeled loafers from Tods (Ebay again). I enjoy wearing brown and black together.
  • My slacks are 100% lined silk (again Ebay) Charter Club. I believe that is a Macy’s brand. For years, I wore them with a fuller leg. This Fall, I decided I wanted a slimmer look. I pretty much ripped them apart and refashioned them. A sewing machine has been an important part of my life since I have been ten. 
  • The gloves came from Marshalls. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are two stores I occasionally visit.


We first started out in the yard because that was where the girls went. I looked down at my feet (which I found to be covered in snow) and decided it was time to head for the concrete. I’m holding Sophia. And I have to comment on Sophia’s attire. It is a gold coat with a leopard fur collar and also line in the same material. Sometimes we just sort of match!


Fashion is fun for me when I can put together things from everywhere. It’s like a game and has always been one of my hobbies. Below is just a few things that I used for this look.  I threw in some Tortoiseshell because I love it with brown tones and am always on the lookout for new pieces. 

Oh and that pin. I just love this pin! The burgundy crushed velvet-Love!

I made good on my word and Harrison had a great time demonstrating his skateboard skills for me. Here’s a collage of my photographer, Grandson, and skateboard enthusiast. Plus, I can tell you this kid is very fashion savvy and gives his Mom and I fashion critiques quite regularly!

One more thing, I wanted to give the link to Tri-Becca Designs. So that’s it. 

Except, I would enjoy any comments. This is only my second “My Style” post and I would love some feedback. 

Take care, Terri

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