Spinning a Yarn-Rows Of Many Colors-A Great Stash Buster

The latest off my needleswent for a Monet color palette on this one.
A few months ago I had a request to make a tutorial about my “Change Of Row” technique that I use on scarfs, shawls and Afghans. I have finally settled down and decided to write it. If there is something in the following that is not clear, please let me know and I will try to fix it. 
The knitting stitch for this technique is usually the Garter stitch, which is knitting every row. * I use very large needles so the fabric is not heavy and thick.  I consider the knitting secondary to this technique. Developing an eye for how colors and textures work together is the most important technique here. It can be learned with study and practice. 

The Instructions
1.     SETTING UP– Pick the yarns and the circular needle size you are going to use. It must be a circular needle to handle the length of the rows. These projects are knitted horizontally and you could have 123 to 200 stitches on the needle. I use 47″ Addi Turbo circulars in size 17 . Use the best needle size for you. There are always exceptions, depending how you knit and what you are knitting. I will discuss variances later in this article.
2.     YARN THEMES-As far as yarns, it helps to have a theme. One theme that I have used is Monochromatic (all one color family). This is probably the easiest. The red scarf pictured below has a monochromatic theme.  Monet and his Water Lilly’s has played into the color choices. The ocean, desert, spring flower garden could be ideas to use.
3.     YARN CHOICES-I use quite a lot of multi color and textural yarns in various thicknesses. Solids colors are also important. If I had to put it in numbers, I would say it is a 40 % multicolored yarn, 40 % textural yarn, and 20 % solid yarn mixture.  I you have a thread yarn; it is always good to have a solid to knit along with it.
4.     GAUGE-Knit a swatch using a few of the yarns so you know how many stitches per inch you are going to have. This Is important. From experience, I know that I am pretty much going to get 2.5 stitches an inch with my size 17 needles.
5.     NOW IT IS TIME TO DO THE MATH and figure out how many stitches you are going to cast on. If I want a scarf that is 60” long, I am going to multiply 60 x 2.5 for 138 stitches. 
6.     CAST ON YOUR FIRST ROW, using the cast on of your choice. I would suggest that you use a smooth yarn for this row.You need to leave a yarn tail at the beginning of the cast on row. This will be the first fringe.
7.     AT THE END OF THE ROW, decide how long you want the fringe and cut the yarn a little longer. Don’t worry about getting all the yarns the same length at this point. They can be trimmed up when the project is finished. Start knitting with the second yarn. After a few stitches, I go back and tie the yarns together at the base of the knitting. Then, I don’t have to worry about any stitches coming loose and don’t have the drudge task of tying the entire fringe at the end of the project.  Knit two rows, tie two row is my mantra on that one.
8.     DECIDE HOW WIDE YOU WANT THE project and then bind off.  I had 34 rows of knitting for the monochromatic red scarf and 146 rows for my golden brown shawl.
This technique does not have to be limited to just scarfs and such. The last photo below is of a caplet. This was the first thing I made using this technique and was knitted in the Stockinette stitch. The shawl and scarfs came later.
My golden shawl. This photo show the knotted ends clearly.
Close up of fabric

A study in red
Fabric closeup
This close up is from a shawl that I made for my daughter. She sent me a close up. I never took a picture of the project.


My caplet-the first project that I used the” Change Of Row” technique with. There will be a fair amount of beginnings and ends so I sewed in yarn ends every few rows so it would not be so overwhelming at the end of the project.
I do love my closeups. The vintage mother of pearl buckle came from Ebay.
So the next time you see one or two skeins of fantastic yarn on clearance for a great price, get them.  They could be the basis for a wonderfully creative project. And I will guarantee you that you will get complements!

* I say “usually” the Garter Stitch because I like having my scarfs and shawls reversible. As pointed out on my caplet, I used the Stockinette stitch. My notes say that I used a SZ 6 circular needles. 

And if you are on Ravelry, here is the  link to my page. I would love for you to visit me. Hope to see you there!




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    1. Jodie, this post is very easily missed because I wrote it back in 2014 on The MeadowTree Journal when I was an art and craft blogger. I keep it on my top featured posts because I always want a sewing and knitting post featured.


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