Big Dots! A Transition Top

Hello friends and welcome back!  I’ve something new that I added to my wardrobe. This striking black and white blouse (or tunic?), was one of three things that I picked up during August.  Like many of you, I’ve been tracking how much I purchase in an effort to cut down but decided this top needed to be in my life.

In early February, when Covid was just whispering in our ear and not screaming in our face, I ventured down to my friend Debby’s boutique, What To Wear, to help unpack spring selections. There, already unpacked, was this “right up my alley” top.

From its bold pattern, long length, hi-low style and all those wonderful buttons (even down the back), I could easily wear it for spring and fall. Believe me, I had plenty to go with it!

When the pandemic hit, I decided to just forget about it. Where was I going to wear it anyway? Soon after, the boutique closed down and that really settled things.

Then came August and Debby put all her spring line on sale. I had money to burn because in May, when the shop was closed, she offered $100 gift certificates for $80. This was a stroke of genus and I scooped one up!  So with gift certificate and mask in hand, I headed down to check things out. The top was still there in a size I could wear.

Three Parts of Fall

As fall is almost upon us, I’m only going to style for it.  I’ve divided it into three distinct mini-seasons. They are:

  1. Early fall which transitions from summer to slightly cooler temps. It can still warm up a bit here during early fall.
  2. Indian Summer fall-those perfect days when it’s not too hot or too cool. Three quarter sleeves or long sleeves (sometimes rolled up)-it’s all good.
  3. Late fall-you sort of get that winter is coming. It may start out warm but be sure to take a wrap or you might get really cold!
Early Fall-Transitioning From Summer

I love that this pattern has some of the circles seemingly woven into the bars and others are sitting on top.

In early fall, I’m still wearing my white jeans-(by American Eagle). Forget about that “not after Memorial Day” that our mothers drilled into us. I mentioned earlier that I picked up three new items this August. My Rebecca Minkoff zipper adorned sandals were one of the three.

Rather than do the big Nordstrom’s sale thing, I gravitate towards Rebecca Minkoff, Francis Valentine and I have to admit, Macy’s.

The Coach bag and jewelry have been with me for a pretty long while.

It has a high/low silhouette and slits at the sides.

All those wonderful buttons down the faux back opening.

Middle Fall-Indian Summer

Indian Summer days are perfect. Long sleeves or three quarter sleeves shirts suffice and jackets are not required.  I did change things up a tad.

For this mini-season, I exchanged my white jeans for a pair of black stretch knit skinny pants that were made by me about four years ago. They were the bottom half of a more elaborate top. I rarely wear the top, but this pair of pants have been a workhorse. With their elastic waistband and knitted fabric, they are high on my “comfort clothing” list.

I also incorporated what seems to be still one of my favorite accessory finishes, metallic silver. My summer sandals are gone and I’ve substituted silver Tory Burch flats which were the first items I bought on The RealReal and added my Michael Kors bag which was the last thing I just picked up there. My necklace is a older Stella & Dot purchased 2nd hand from eBay.

Late Fall-Might Just Need a Wrap and If Your Me-Maybe Change Your Hair!

Finally, when it’s almost time for a jacket or at least a shawl), I added textured and patterned flats along with my black Leo clutch with its zipper edges by Rebecca Minkoff. If I was off shopping, I would exchange the clutch for a larger bag (got to hold my reusable shopping bags).

When it gets cooler, I feel comfortable sporting a scarf around my neck. If it’s hot, I just can’t do it. In this case, it’s my vintage Poodle Vera scarf.

And I just might change my hair. This is my “Sass” style. No longer produced, she is Heather by René of Paris in Black Pearl and one of my favorites.  René of Paris is known for their cutting edge styles and fashion colors. Unfortunately, that means that they cut older designs to add new ones.

During cooler temps, I find a shawl is more convenient that a jacket and much more dramatic! I’m wearing my black shawl that I knitted in my “Rows of Many Colors” technique. Created out of about ten textually different black yarns, it probably should be called, “Rows of Many Textures”.

I developed this technique years ago to take advantage of my very large yarn stash. I first blogged about this knitting technique here.  Scarfs and shawls have been my main use for this technique but I just finished a coat using it and am planning to write a post about it in October.

This is a great technique for beginners in that usually only the garter stitch is used. That’s only one stitch to learn! The colors and textures can be showstoppers. My complete technique instructions can be found HERE.

Close up of the textures in my shawl

Darcy says hello!

So that’s my plan on how I’m wearing and will wear this top for the fall season. Also, I am very sure I’ll be using this top for the spring season too. One extra thought, I did find this top at The Vogue Boutique Here. It must be a good seller because they don’t have it on sale (I did get mine 40% off).

That all I have today. Take care and stay safe!

20 thoughts on “Big Dots! A Transition Top

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you were able to get the blouse in your size. It looks so classic, like you’ll get tons of wear out of it. Your wig is so fun, I’m kind of pondering getting one, so I can wear a longer hair style once in awhile. I’m just not sure how much I’d *really* wear it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Kim-so happy you dropped by. I agree about the blouse. I sort of told myself that I was going to try to wear only things that I made, this made me break my word. And after it was still there after five months, I decided it was really just for me!

      I think before you go buy a wig, you should try one on at a good wig store and get an idea what they feel like because you know you have something on your head, sort of like wearing a hat.

      I think they easily take 10 years off me so I am an enthusiastic fan, especially these multi-layered just below the ears styles. Take care, and congrats about the new house. I just saw that this morning. I’ll be hopping over your way pretty soon and comment.


    1. HI, Iris-I thought that wig would go too and rushed to put it on before we stopped taking photos. Glad I did because she did go so well. I really like the length of this top and it can go with so much. Thank you for coming by and visiting. Take care, Terri


    1. Hello, yes the Midwest has been good to us this week. It was the back that got to me-I thought it was pretty outstanding. Thanks for coming over. I will visit and see what you’ve been up too lately. Terri


    1. Hello, Emma and thank you for coming over and visiting. You have such a wonder blog and thank you for be so faithful all these years in having a link-up. I did one for a while and know how much work it takes.


  2. Terri, what a fabulous tunic! And those buttons down the back are a fun little surprise! I love all the ways you have styled this top and your different hairstyles are all so beautiful, too! Thanks for linking up with me.

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  3. I love the botton on the back! Are beautiful! and i think the each style for each part of fall is super useful! I good to know there´s people thying to use the same clothes in very different ways during a whole season, thanks for share with us!

    Follow me and visit my blog:

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