The Sari Scarf

For my birthday a few years ago, daughter Michelle gave me a Sari scarf. Wonderfully colored, Sari scarfs are made in India from strips of vintage saris silk sewn together. Each scarf is its own, unlike any other. She liked my present so much that she has since gathered a few sari scarfs for herself. But for … More The Sari Scarf

The Shawl Dawl

Before I even get started today, I want to say thank you to Nicole Molders of High Latitude Style for letting me co-host with her this week. I have been wanting to do this for eons and am so happy to get the opportunity. Thank you Nicole! I have been having so much fun with … More The Shawl Dawl

From Art To Fashion

Persistence, tenaciousness, and just being plain stubborn are handy traits for creatives whose passion is to share their art with the world.  ArtsKC  gives this areas artists and art focused endeavors a very big helping hand with this. ArtsKC is the regional art council for the greater Kansas City area and through programming, advocacy, grants and leadership strives to … More From Art To Fashion