One Hard Working Top

My official photographer (aka Michael the Hubby) is up in Canada fishing this week with our nephews. With my in-house photographer not at home, I went on my own expedition and went photo hunting in my files for today’s post. Fortunately, May and June have been busy months and we took quite a few pictures.  … More One Hard Working Top

A Dahl of a Wrap

Earlier this spring, I featured my very versatile Shawl Dawl. It’s fun coming up with different ways to style it. For spring it was more of a dramatic style statement. For summer, it’s going to have more of a utilitarian function: just a simple wrap. June nights are cooler here in Missouri. Its handy to … More A Dahl of a Wrap

Loving My Red Paisley-2nd Loved 1st Friday #3

This 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup is all about Paisley. Yes, Paisley, the classic pattern that can be preppy, bohemian, exotic, and can harken back to the hippy dippy 60’s. I love paisley, not the red bandana kind, but the rich exotic patterns. Luckily I have managed to find three pieces this year on my thrifting excursions and, better yet, … More Loving My Red Paisley-2nd Loved 1st Friday #3

The Statement Sleeve

I never really paid attention to the statement sleeve trend; pretty much thought I would let that one come and go. Well, that was until I ran into Jo-Anne’s fabric store to pick up a zipper. Of course, the zippers are right by the pattern section and, of course the Vogue patterns were on sale … More The Statement Sleeve

The Sari Scarf

For my birthday a few years ago, daughter Michelle gave me a Sari scarf. Wonderfully colored, Sari scarfs are made in India from strips of vintage saris silk sewn together. Each scarf is its own, unlike any other. She liked my present so much that she has since gathered a few sari scarfs for herself. But for … More The Sari Scarf