Rich Red, Black, and Embroidery for Clara Peeter’s Still Life

Hello, and welcome to Style Imitating Art’s “Reveal Monday”. Today is the day that the hosts, unveil our interpretations of the chosen artwork.

What Is Style Imitating Art?

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge, and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspiration image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The next Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

Still Life with Nuts, Candy, and Flowers by Clara Peeters

Clara Peeter was a rarity in the 16th century. She was a successful artist, or at least until she got married and seemed to retire from painting. One thing is certain and that is she was incredibly talented.

My Take

The two things that immediately struck me when I first saw this work (besides just the excellent execution of realism) were the black background and the rich reds.

The Black Column

The first decision was to go with one of my tried and true; the black column. For this look, I used my pair of American Eagle black skinny jeans. Yes, I know that the trendsetters say out with skinnies and in with wide legs. Well, that’s nice and I have gotten some wider-legged pants lately, but I still love my skinnies and think they look great in this look.

My top is a camisole that I made two years ago using some leftover knit fabric and black trim from my stash.

Asymmetrical Duster

The focal feature of this look is the asymmetrical duster that I’ve had for about five years. It was designed by Kansas City designer Laura McGrew of Tomboy. I think this is the most asymmetrical piece I’ve ever seen and always enjoy wearing it. It’s also a great seasonal transition piece.

All the Rest
I even chose a fingernail polish for this look. It’s an OPI classic “Skyfall” which they released in October 2012

I thought this little crossbody/clutch bag was perfect with its embroidery of flowers and abstract patterns. It’s small but practical, which means it can hold my cell phone.

This close-up also shows the bits of trim I used for a little embellishment of my camisole.

The ornateness of my Geode and semi-precious stone and necklace was another pick for this look. Again, by a Kansas City designer, but unfortunately I can’t remember her name. My cuff was an afterthought and was thrifted.

Finally, as far as shoes, I pulled out a pair of very ornate suede Nine West flats. I rarely get to wear these but love them and they were perfect for this look.

I will admit, that I had fun with my hair for this round. I’ve had this little dark TressAllure wig for a couple of years. Her name is Alexa and she is in the color called English Tea. It’s fun to wear her once in a while and I thought she fit in the dramatic contrasts that we see in this painting.

A Closeup of the Fun Stuff

That sums it up for me for this round.

I hope you find something in this work that inspired you and didn’t mind the ramble into some of my shopping philosophy. Send me what you come up with at along with a small blurb on how the work influenced your choices by tomorrow.

I will do a roundup this Wednesday featuring all your designs. I hope that Clara’s painting has inspired you to put together something.

Take care everyone and stay creative!

10 thoughts on “Rich Red, Black, and Embroidery for Clara Peeter’s Still Life

  1. This is such a pretty and gorgeously dramatic look, Terri! I am always a fan of a black column under any statement piece and I also have a particular fondness for asymmetrical things, too. Your accessories are all so beautiful and unique. The embroidery on your little bag really makes me happy and it is perfect for this painting. Well done as usual!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you , Sally-I actually don’t have to many floral items so the bag filled in something that I really wanted to recreate from the painting-had to have some flowers somewhere!


  2. One word, Terri! Stunning! You are stunning in this deep red! I love anything asymmetrical, and I can see why you bought this topper! The black column underneath creates such a dramatic background for all of your accessories! And, I really, really like you with dark hair! That wig is fabulous!


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