Polka Dots, Pink and Red for Style Imitating Art’s The Counting Lesson

Hello and welcome to my interpretation of this edition of the SIA challenge.

About Style Imitating Art

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspiration image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

This Round’s Presenter

Today, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks is the curator.

This Week’s Inspirational Image-The Counting Lesson by Albert Huie

My Take On The Counting Lesson

his one sent me into quite a quandary. I knew I wanted to work with it all: pink, red, polka dots and black but it was hard to settle on a single idea. My official idea is this one….

This look could easily be one of my “Wine Bar Casuals” that I would wear to our Wine Journal, if we could go.

The newest member of the team would be my polka dot top. I found my “like new” second hand top by INC. (Macy’s in house brand) on eBay last June. I had gotten a new stripped jacket from my friend Debby’s shop What To Wear and wasn’t going to be happy until I had some polka dots to go along with it. I told the story on an April post found HERE.

If you have checked out my Baker’s Dozen of Closet Essentials, you know that, for me, the black blazer is second on the list. I have my share of thrifted and 2nd hand blazers but I bought this DKNY new from Macy’s about three years ago. It’s a hard worker.

My faded jeans are from H & M’s sustainable collection. Honestly, I think they were just recycled. But the price was fantastic, they fit and I liked them. These have been the only thing I’ve ever gotten from H & M. It’s just not high on my places to shop, although I do know they are featuring a sustainable collection.

I picked my favorite pair of oxfords; red patent leathers from Modern Vice, an American company that makes their shoes in NYC. With Covid, I think they have scaled back and are only making their boots.

My belt was thrifted somewhere, I just can’t remember where.

And Where’s the Pink?

My hair color is Rose Blush and definitely a tone of pink. It’s style is Piper which is part of Heather’s of Cyster Wigs new budget friendly line that includes some fun colors. I mainly wear ash blonds bordering on grey but sometimes it’s just fun to do something different. Also, I picked up pink with my finger nail polish. It’s an Orly oldie-goldie shade called Cotton Candy. I grabbed a pair of my reading glasses which I have to wear when I wear contacts. They are a fun pink flower design. These, as most of my readers, come from ICU Eyewear.

I couldn’t resist adding my leather Camellia pin. A entrepreneur in Kansas City use to make these magnetic objects to add to shoes and clothing. Unfortunately, she has changed her business focus and no longer make them. A similar design can be found on ETSY.

There Was a Runner Up!

Remember that quandary? I had to try out one more idea floating around in my mind. I liked it very much (so did my husband), but I just couldn’t put it in first place. Still, I wanted to share it.

Pink is the focus on this one. I found this Kasper jacket at either Goodwill or Salvation Army so I know I didn’t pay over $3 for it. Found over three years ago, I have never worn it! This jacket could be a candidate for Shelbee and Nancy’s Good Buy/Bad Buy. I’ve tried to give it back but can’t because there is just to much I like about it. Can a Kaspar jacket for $3 even be a bad buy?

I have a hard time finding graphic shirts that I really like. But when I saw Karolina Żebrowska’s Thug Ankle” shirt on Tee Spring, I knew I had to have it. Karolina has a YouTube channel and presents programs based on historical dress. She is hilarious and I always leave one of her videos a lot happier than I started. I hope you check her out.

There’s Red!

I’m wearing my Jett boots by Modern Vice and also have a red quartz ring on.

Will You Join the Fun?

I hope this art inspires you to create a look and that you will join us. Send a photo of your SIA inspired outfit along with a small blurb on how you were inspired to Daenel whose email is livingoutsidethestack@gmail.com by February 9th. She will share the submissions on her blog on Wednesday February 10th.

Anyone can participate and you certainly do not have to have a blog.

If you do share your inspirations on Instagram use the hashtag #StyleImitatingArt so we know you are there. You can also tag us in the images. Our Instagram names are: terrigardner_meadowtree, daenelt and 14shadesofgrey.

That’s it for today. Take care and stay creative!

18 thoughts on “Polka Dots, Pink and Red for Style Imitating Art’s The Counting Lesson

  1. Hi! I really like that you shared the runner up outfit also! Maybe send as two to Daenel. I’ve submitted 2 outfits before. I really like both but the polka dots are my favourite item in both outfits. Polka dots are the best. Those boots with the red zip look really comfy and cosy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Kezzie Thank you. I’ve already sent my featured photo (split pic) to Daenel so will just leave the other for the blog only. Modern Vice boots and shoes have slowly gotten narrower over the last couple of years so I’ve really had to break these in. I probably won’t be getting anymore becasue the do run narrow now. Polka Dots are such a simple but strong statement of design, I think.


  2. Both outfits are wonderful this SIA! I love the bright red shoes with the first outfit. And that polka dot blazer in the second is absolutely fabulous! Well done! I didn’t create a new outfit for the challenge, because when I started thinking about it, I realized I was creating the same outfit, I did just few weeks ago. So I submitted a photo to Daenel to include in the group.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Michelle and I’m so happy that you are back. I missed your entries.
      Most of the time, before I was a cohost, I usually used something that i already had and I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again.
      I saw this round as something that could be fun and possibly light hearted with the look-something that was quite different for me.


    1. Hello Mireille, Thank you-it’s the style that I feel very at home in but this particular line is very reasonable and didn’t mind trying something colorful. I don’t have much polka dots either; these two here and a vintage 80’s blouse that I thrifted and just keep around trying to figure out if I can mix it with modern. I’ll be on the lookout for the dress! Thank you for dropping by. Terri


    1. Thank you, Reni-I think Polka Dots are classic and I have three pieces with them. I know some feel that they can’t wear them and I actually didn’t wear any until this past spring. But I do remember making a spring outfit when i was a teenager that had a red and white Polka Dot top. And thank you for the hair complement. This is new. I decided to try something different-like I put a pink tint on my grey hair. I like it too. Oh, and Michael and I get our first vaccine tomorrow!!!!!!!!Happy Days!
      XOXO Terri

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Terri, I really like both interpretations that you shared here! I love how you incorporated pink in your hair and makeup! Those red brogues are so magnificent. Now I have to be on the lookout for some red brogues for myself! And the polka dot blazer is so adorable. I agree that it can’t really be a bad buy for just $3! Thanks for linking with me and for hosting this wonderful SIA series.


    Liked by 1 person

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