The Essential Black T-Shirt

Today, I am talking about another closet essential. A while back, I did a post about the simple black dress and how important it is to one’s closet. The simple black T-shirt is not far behind. There are hundreds of T-shirt colors and designs (we all have a few). But the black T-shirt is essential. Because of its versatility, I don’t mind spending a bit more on one.

Of course, we have all thrown a T-shirt on with jeans and headed out somewhere. Today, I want to show other options. I think the crew nick t-shirt is less formal than the V-neck (which gets it’s own post) and decided to go that way for today’s two looks.


This T-shirt is a very soft cotton crew neck by Kim Rogers that I picked up at Goodwill earlier this summer. I liked the heavier quality, which means that it could be a stand alone for summer, but could be a layering piece when the transitional season hit.

Lucky me, the day I found the black T-shirt, I also spotted this light tweed top or dress. Whatever it is, I thought I could use it as a tunic with leggings when the weather got cooler. The top has elastic around the waist which is helps when I want to change the length.


My bag is by Ilzak Zenou  and just makes me happy. I love his whimsical fashion-based illustrations, which appear too on his water bottles and lunch bags. One of the happiest thing one can do in life is also so simple: a walk with your dog. (Of course, my dog would be a poodle–but then sometimes a Black Lab comes along).


Did you notice that my necklace changed colors between the two photos? Besides looking like vintage ’50’s linoleum, it’s also red on one side and grey on the other. I’ve had this for years and got it from World’s Window in Kansas City’s Brookside area. If you are ever visiting Kansas City, don’t miss Brookside. You will have fun.



I carried the bag’s patent leather theme out with my BCBGeneration (which filed for bankruptcy this Spring) flats. They are patent black on the front half but have a blue and black reptile print on the back and straps. These are another one of those “had forever items” and I believe I got them from TJ Maxx.


My next idea is layering so I can shed pieces as it gets warm. I paired one of my favorite white shirts (another essential) with a pair of Talbots (thrifted) black and white mini checked pants. I just put my T-shirt on top and added one of my big black belts (got it years ago from Blue Fly). If it gets too hot, I would just leave the T-shirt and belt in the car, tie my vintage Perry Ellis silk scarf around my neck for color and be on my merry way.

My bag is Tom Thomas’s Spiral designs. Tom Thomas and son make their bags right here in the USA in Texas. They came to the Kansas City Plaza Art Fair a few years ago and I was really impressed with his designs. Many agreed with me. Tom and his son had to send my choice to me once they got back home. They were sold out of the ones they brought.

Do you recognize the quilt pattern on my scarf? I know this pattern as Grandmother’s Fan. Does anyone else know it by another name?


The Mahjong pieces on my Marc Fisher Sunny4 d’Orsay flats are by  HeartWare’s Frilly Feet. These are held on by very strong magnets. HeartWare’s president and creative force, Marlo Thornton Demark was a buyer for a very exclusive store in Kansas City before she patented her original idea. I have quite a few sets of her ingenious invention. My Mahjong’s are a limited edition which she doesn’t show online. I wish she would because some of them are so unique and you could get a one of a kind design. Any of her designs make a plain pair of shoes so much more fun. The magnets don’t tear up your leather like those old ones “back in the day”.


I have a new app for my iPhone called Stylebook. Not only can I catalogue everything I own but I can create style layouts. I believe I paid $3.99 for it, probably a reasonably priced diversion. I can also share between my phone and iPad which means I have backup. Also, any style sets I make, I can email to my Gmail account and get it on my computer–which is handy if I want to use them in my posts (like today). The frame was added with Photoshop after I sent it to my computer.


While I was writing this, I had another idea for the knitted tunic. I tried it over black jeans and a white long sleeve T-shirt. I made it a lot shorter but you can do that when there is elastic in the waist. Also I put a belt under there, which you can’t see, just to help keep it where I want it. What do you think? It’s off subject, but I would wear this out and wanted to share it with you.


And while we are on the subject of T-shirts, I need to share this amazing work of art from Whitney Manney, another Kansas City designer. She is a street wear designer and there is very few of her designs I can wear, but her T-shirts are a different thing. She also sells on Society6  where you find her designs on tote bags, smart phone cases, ceramics, and a lot more.


That wraps it up for this week. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have another blog bit next week. You are certainly welcome to leave a comment or two or three. I love to hear from you.

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I am also linking this post up with the Common Threads Challenge. My pieces that I am using are:

  1. a black T-shirt
  2. tweed jumper
  3. black flats
  4. white shirt
  5. black jean

I will be posting my outfits on Instagram.

Photography credit goes to Michael this week and being my editor-in-chief, he reads over my posts.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..



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13 thoughts on “The Essential Black T-Shirt

  1. It’s true the black t-shirt can be so useful. I just wore one of mine yesterday as a cami under a sheer blouse!!
    And I love necklaces like that. I have one that is red on one side and turquoise on the other. Why aren’t they all like that, really??

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The therapy gets easier and you exercise your wrist more. I knew I was talking to a big choir when I decided to do the black tee. I bet it is a sure shot that everyone has one.


  2. I think T shirts are an essential and have a few in black, I love the Whitney Manney one too. The tunic gives you a very versatile look.
    I know it’s off topic but I wanted to compliment your hair- it always looks so chic and perfectly conditioned and as a curly top I’ve always loved long straight hair! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew I was preaching to the choir when I decided to do something about black T-shirts. My hair, my daughters and I have been meaning to do a blog about hair-we all three have a unique take on how we feel about our hair and what we do about it.


  3. I am a huge fan of black *anything* — especially tops. I’m such a spiller that white tops spend more time in the laundry than they do on my body – lol. Black tops spot clean well.

    Agree with spicy — love your hair. Your photos encouraged me to see if I could deal with growing out my own – just about your color, I believe. All of the dark brown dye (my original color) is almost gone now – but I still startle at the reflection of that platinum blonde in my mirror. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing on this week’s Senior Salon.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!


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