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I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry. When I find some beads I like, I string them together. Of course, I know about jump rings, crimp beads and own a few tools. So I guess I’m a stringer, not a true jewelry designer–which is why I really respect the creative ladies behind Kansas City’s Artful Creations.

If interested in the outfit I picked for this event, go HERE.

Randi and Debby have been friends and business partners for ten years. They first collaborated when Randi owned a bead store in Kansas. Both designed jewelry pieces and shared in the teaching of jewelry construction classes. The bead store has since closed but they moved on to their new adventure: Artful Creations.


Randi and Debby creatively work with semiprecious stones, found vintage components, and unique beads from around the world. Their inspirations come from pieces they hand pick. The women who wear their designs appreciate unique handcrafted pieces–pieces that tell a story.

Fashion Group International supporting fellow designers and members. From let to right: Barbara Fishman, Randi Richman Berger of Artful Creatives, Debby Schlotzman of Artful Creatives, me and Lynn Schultz-photo by FGI

Artful Creations also rescues family heirlooms. They will take an older beaded piece and redesign it to reflect the current owner, or divide it for members of the next generation. That is telling a story!


Having done some designing myself (fiber pieces), I am always interested in the creative process and asked both Randi and Debby about theirs. Randi, with and art education background, likes to draw her designs out first. Debby, a mechanical engineer, tends to lay all her elements out and visualize what she wants to create. The two process combinations work. Their jewelry is gorgeous.


Debby helping a younger fashionista to make a choice

Beading Parties

A year ago, Debby and Randi had which has proven to be a great idea: “We bring the beading party to you!”

Photo by Artful Creations

At an Artful Creations’ beading party, friends and neighbors may gather for a casual, fun evening of socializing while learning how to design and put together a necklace or bracelet. The host for the beading party may provide food and beverages for everyone to enjoy.

Randi and Debby provide a beautiful selection of semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal and glass beads to choose from. And Randi and Debby provide knowledgeable instruction in designing and executing the jewelry.

Artful Creations beading parties are a great idea for fundraising. Artful Creations will give a percentage of proceeds to a host’s designated charity. A fundraising idea might be an auction of jewelry once finished with the money raised going to the charity of choice. Another option is that the host may charge a little above cost per person and donate that toward their cause.

The minimum needed for a party are five guests for a fee of $150 and $30 for each additional guest. For parties exceeding 30 guests, a $50 fee is needed for an additional instructor. If you are interested, please contact Artful Creations at

Future Plans

At this point, the only way to purchase Artful Creations jewelry is to catch Randi and Debby at a show like I did earlier this summer. They would like to change this model and add a online website.

However, they do have a Facebook page to make it easier for customers to connect with them FOUND HERE.

Photo by Fashion Group International-Kansas City

Next on Artful Creations’ Calendar

Artful Creations will be at the Kansas City Jewish Culture Festival 2017 this Sunday, September 10th. This twenty-year old tradition is being held at 5801 W 115th Street, Overland Park, KS 66211. I’ve provided a link Kansas City Jewish Culture Festival 2017. I’ve been before and am going to try and make this one. Debby also creates Judaic items and I am looking forward to checking them out.

Some of Debby’s polymer Mezzuzahs-photo by Debby Schlotzman

Again, a few ways to reach Randi and Debby of Artful Creations:

Artful Creations Facebook page HERE.

Artful Creations Email:

Also, a friend of mine Debbie Dubinsky, is also showing her work at the Jewish Cultural Festival. If you are in the Kansas City area, don’t forget to stop by her booth. Knowing Debby, she will have some very yummy yarn that she has designed along with other fiber works.

Work of Debbie Dubinsky

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19 thoughts on “Artful Creations

  1. I also added another entry for your “second loved” party!
    I just thrifted the purple top, and I refashioned the skirt from a dress (does that count?).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some beautiful pieces there. My stepdaughter makes jewellery and I know what time, skill and love is put into making something beautiful, so well done AC ladies! What a clever idea with the parties too. X.


  3. Lovely creations Terri and you look fantastic in your outfit! I’ve created a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets (I’m just a “stringer” too) but it’s fun. Too many unfinished projects at the moment, I’ll wait for the winter to get back to it.


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  4. I love the wire work and the fabric, best of all though are the beautiful Mezuzahs.
    I very much enjoyed reading this and looking at the creations.
    It’s my second attempt at a comment, I happened to re read it as the photos are so lovely and realised that my previous one can’t have saved. I blame my temperamental wifi! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen a lot of great crochet beaded jewelry and have always wanted to try my hand at it but probably never will. I put a couple of videos from the festival Instagram Sunday. i think you would like them. Debby had some pretty cool Judaic jewelry too.


    1. I am surprised that no one has thought about doing this before but I have never heard of it. I think it would be a great way to raise money for charity. People here go to these painting parties where everyone pretty much paints the same painting. A beading party has the potential to have a lot more creative individualism.

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