Transition Linen and Silk

Last weekend Michael and I went on a little jaunt. For me, a jaunt is a really short trip, usually just about a day and a half. It gives you time enough to stay in a nice boutique hotel or Bed and Breakfast (it’s only for one night, so let’s go nice) and a couple of good meals. Hopefully, somewhere in there is good art. This time it was a quite satisfyingly done play at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock, MO. The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial was directed by an old high school friend of mine. 

It is also that time of the year that we hear the term “transitional.” The nights are getting cooler and the days may be hot–or not. Last weekend wasn’t different, so I picked linen and silk to wear and was very comfortable the whole time. 

As usual (but not always), this is all “shopping my closet” and just putting things together in different combinations. I have had some of these pieces as long as eight years, but had never put them together quite like this. 

This post brings to light a technique that I use a lot: the column of a single color. More than likely, columns are black. This one is creme. The pants are silk-lined Charter Club from Macy’s and the silk shell is Liz Claiborne.

The creme column has been on here before (a post about Kansas City Fashion week), but worn with a long silk duster. The pants were the same but the the top was different. It was still a creme silk but was a knit. For me, the rule is to have accessories to completely pull it off for an entirely new look. 

The previous cream column as I wore it last Spring. This is my daughter Rachelle and I during last Spring’s Kansas City Fashion Week.

The star of today’s show is my Jones New York lined linen jacket. I found it a few years ago at an outlet mall while on a teachers’ conference. The jacket is such a classic, going back to the 30’s and 40’s. 

Had to do a little research to make sure I knew what I was talking about, and there they were.

I seem to be wearing green a lot, but it is one of my favorite colors. My jacket has pockets hidden in the front seaming and a tie belt. There have been times when I have just tied the belt in the back and left the jacket open in the front. 

 I can snap it all the way up, but with this chunky necklace, I left the top snap undone. 

With my sometime accessory, Bennett

Now to the other elements I picked. Again, I have another one of my vintage Rodo bags. The purse body is bucket shaped leather with cord handles that have seem to be knotted in the macramé technique. The gold hardware is perfect for the green and gold that dominate this look.

The jewelry pieces are a large yellow-green wooded bangle with a resin necklace (definitely a summer necklace). 

My Ralph Lauren gold shantung shoes (on here before, just in July) go nicely and I am happy with this combination.

 Everything shows up a little clearer in my still life below.

The Polished Accessory-double or nothing

I wore two colors with this one so two colors I will show here. On our jaunt, I had Finger Paint’s Art Nouveau Nectarine. This is a greatly pink-leaning orange. Finger Paints is carried by Sally’s Beauty Supply. For the price, it is a good polish and most colors have artistic sounding names for which I am a sucker.

However, this week I have been wearing Nubar’s Primrose, which is the palest yellow you will find. I saw no reason to change it for the photos, because it goes perfectly for the color pallet I was aiming towards. If you are afraid of wearing yellow, then this yellow would be a good choice. Primrose is part of Nubar’s 2011 Spring Garden collection and still can be found on Amazon. 

Jaunt photo time. On the Katy Trail in front of the Missouri River in Booneville, MO. Michael snapped this shot at twilight and I love what the sun did to some of the leaves and the tree trunk behind me. Inspired by Daniel Boone, we went exploring. We found the famous Boone’s Lick, an important source of salt for pioneers on the Sante Fe Trail. Down the winding road from Booneville and up through Boonesborro, Boone’s Lick is–trust usway out in the boonies.

That is enough for today, so I will bid adieu until next week. In the meantime, Happy Styling!


This week, I am linking up with Elegantly Dressed and Stylish Turning Heads Tuesday HERE, Living On Cloud Nine’s

The photography credit  this week goes to my Hubby, Michael for the photos of me. I will take credit for the still life and polish photos.




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