Spinning a Yarn-My Paris Sweater From Ralvery

It’s getting to be cold again. I decided to republish my blog post on the Paris sweater. 

I finally finished the Paris Sweater. This is a free pattern on Ralvery and is designed by Sarah Keller. If you can knit and purl, you can knit this pattern. 

The sweater is created from a 22″ x 66″ rectangle. I would pick a yarn no heavier than a DK. I used a silk sport weight cone yarn that I purchased on DNBY a few years ago. I am pretty sure it’s name was Olive Grove, but don’t remember the maker. Did anyone else get this yarn? It really bugs me that I can’t remember who made it. 

This pattern has a draped asymmetrical tunic look, so make sure you are confortable wearing this type of style. I did add some black corded elastic around the neck area. The neckline tends to do the “Flashdance” thing and I didn’t want to wear a tank under it. That was just me, you may want that look. 

I like this sweater and it does get complements. I am not a beginner knitter, but enjoy the pleasure of just knitting with beautiful yarn and not worrying about what I have to do for each row. If you are a Ralvery member, click here to view the pattern

A Close Up View Of The Elastic


The Yarn

One thought on “Spinning a Yarn-My Paris Sweater From Ralvery

  1. I like it….good idea about the elastic as well. I could do that one! Maybe a trip to the yarn barn to find a cone of something there in the way of a lighter weight yarn.


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