Lucienne Day-The Geometric


“Lines”-a pattern created for Heals, a fabric design house in Britian

Non-objective is pure design. We are not associating the images with anything we think we know. Only The Elements of Art* are referenced. Lucienne Day was inspired by these basic elements. This post is devoted to some of these pieces .

Lapis, 1953
Miscellany, 1952

Cockaigne, 1961

Diablo, 1962

Lucienne Day had a long career with a huge portfolio. This is my fourth and probably not last post showcasing her work. She is hugely inspirational for me as a designer. 

*  The Elements of Art are like the ingredients that a cook uses to create a dish. Artists use these to create a works of art. The These elements are: line, shape, space, form, color, texture, and value.

Previous posts:

  1. My first post and introduction of Lucienne Day. This post covers her groundbreaking design “Caylx”.
  2. The Orange Look-book has some of her orange hued inspired designs.  This post was in conjunction with the color Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s color of the year.
  3. Some of her work that was directly inspired by nature will be found in this post.


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