Fiber Goodness Just Over The Horizon

The Mid-West is about to go into a fiber daze!

I am putting out the word.  If you want to have some memorable fiber experiences, Neosho, Missouri will be the place for you.  Fiber Daze is  happening September 21-22th. 
This will be the second year for this event. There are classes for every interest, a fashion show, and a market to boot. To find out more about what is offered just go to the website.
And now comes a bit of self promotion.  I happen to be one of the teachers at Fiber Daze.  I am teaching a beginning color class that I call Color 101.  Just wrapping up a teaching career (over 32 years) of K-12 art, this is just up my alley.  

I have been planning mini projects to help students understand and have fun with color relationships. There is even story-time! Students will walk away with samples they did in class and a lot of new color knowledge.  Color was always one of my favorite things to teach.  Hope to see you there. 



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