Style Imitating Art-Grey, Black, White, and Paisley for “Tom and Jenny” by Andres Valencia

Welcome to my interpretation for this round of Style Imitating Art.

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge, and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspirational image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all her blog submissions.

This Round’s Curator

Shelbee is the curator for this round of Style Imitating Art

This Week’s Inspirational Image

This round’s inspiration is from eleven old artist, Andrea Valencia, who paints in a 1930s cubist style reminiscent of Pablo Picasso.

My Take

With my limited monochromatic winter wardrobe, I definitely went with the “Tom” approach, complete with the black hat.

It’s obvious that I went with black, white, and grey, with the little color that Tom has represented in a vintage paisley silk scarf. So, let’s start bottoms up.

The pants are a pair of paper bags that I made last year from an Ellie and Mac PDF pattern. The article about them is HERE. I have always loved the idea of paper bags but just don’t have the figure to wear them. Today’s post is a start of an experiment of finding different ways to wear them successfully so they won’t just hang in my closet. I think a jacket or over blouse with a cardi is going in the right direction.

The top is a very old Chico’s top that I think I got before 2012. It does seem that I’ve just always had it. I generally wear it out and not tucked in.

The black jacket is a 2nd hand find from eBay. This is a Juliana Collezione jacket, and one a a few that I have found. All of Juliana Collezione is very well made (much of it is made in the US) and was quite expensive in its time. In fact, some of the second-hand items still are. It just depends on what you are hunting for. I’m done hunting now so I really don’t worry about it anymore but there are some beautiful JC things still out there.

This jacket originally came with gold buttons and I was finding that I just wasn’t wearing it enough (gold always seems more formal to me). I found some silver Bee motif metal buttons on ETSY and replaced the gold with them. Now, I wear it more and I love the Bee buttons!

Now, the Accessories

With the accessories, I am going top-down. The black Fedora wool hat belonged to my father. I removed the original ugly vinyl band and made a few interchangeable ones. The silk grey band with the antique mother-of-pearl buckle by-hand top stitching using silk buttonhole thread is one of them.

The paisley scarf is a silk Echo that I, again, found on eBay.

The bag is one of my Rebecca Minkoff Love bags, which I bought a few years ago new. My flats are just a pair of older pointy pair by Nine West (which I found on eBay new.)

I don’t know if I would wear this outfit in its entirety anywhere, but it has certainly set me on the right path of finding ways to wear my me-made pants.

I think that finishes me for this one. If you have not done so already, please send your ideas to Shelbee at by tomorrow.

That’s it for me and I will see you next time!

15 thoughts on “Style Imitating Art-Grey, Black, White, and Paisley for “Tom and Jenny” by Andres Valencia

  1. I love that you took the Tom approach! He is the main reason I chose this painting! I always opt for the super bold and bright colors and I know that is challenging for you and Salazar so I really love the contrast of the brights with the black, white, and grays. I think this outfit came out so great for this piece. I love the cool menswear inspired style and your hat is just wonderful!


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  2. First of all, I love that your hat was your dad’s! What a wonderful way to use it…with interchangeable bands! I really think this is a chic look. I do love white, grey, and black together. I seem to gravitate toward grey in the winter for some reason rather than seeking out brighter colors. It’s not that I find it depressing; I just really like it in winter! I need to get busy and get an outfit figured out!

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    1. Thank you Marsha. I definitely like darker colors in the winter too. But I do get bright scarfs and wear them sometimes. This is my favorite hat and and find it’s on the hat the most. I went the easy route for me.


  3. Love how you tweaked the hat band and jacket buttons to make them work better for you. This is such a cool, dapper outfit – and it’s great that you were able to wear your father’s hat for it. I think the paper bag pants look terrific with the smooth tucked-in cami and topper layer!


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