Style Imitating Art Round Up-Gunta Stöltz’s Weaving

Hello and welcome to a Style Imitating Art roundup featuring all of you who submitted ideas for this round’s art inspiration.

Style Imitating Art?

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspiration image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

This Week’s Presenter

That would be me.

This Weeks Inspirational Work

Cows in Landscape by Gunta Stöltz . This is a tapestry that she wove in 1920 and I believe the first she did after coming to The Bauhaus, which at the time was in Weimar, Germany. She was the only female master from the Bauhaus. Its weaving department developed as she developed. She left in 1931. Stöltz then moved to Zuric ,Switzerland where she opened a private workshop which she operated until 1969. During this time she expanded what weaving could be, concentrating on larger commercial projects.

I picked this very colorful work because this was her beginning.

Your Interpretations-They are listed in order received.

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

Shelbee was really drawn to the colors and textures of the fabric weave as well as the landscape and the cow images and immediately got a western feel and thought of this Aztec printed wrap that she had had for a few years. She just went for a full on cowgirl style adding in different hues from the tapestry. As usual, she’s nailed it.

Reni of Reni’s Odds and Sods

Rene styles a linen dress that she made a couple of years ago. Lenin being Lenin has that wonderful texture that fits in perfectly with a weaving. She also nailed the colors with the vibrant turquoise and purple print. She accessorized in red to pull out those colors for an all over wonderful effect.

Kezzie of KezzieAG

Kezzie styled with a Topshop tapestry skirt. Also, a lot of the colours of the skirt are in the tapestry inspiration piece. There are touches of burgundy in the tapestry which are the colour of my shirt. She also took inspiration from the black boundaries and chose black tights and shoes with that inspiration.


My Co-Hosts

Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey

Salazar also nailed the colors with her shirt-dress. Also, the plaid hearkens to the linear stripes that Gunta Stöltz used in the tapestry. To top it off, she has a cow necklace!

Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks

I knew Daenel would have no problem with this interpretation because she works color magic. She is using a coral orange embroidered top. The fabric is Swiss Dot that also hits the texture theme. For me, her dark leggings and shoes pay attention that the tapestry does have a dark edge around three sides.

And Finally Me

I went with a multi-pattern and very colorful Tee-Shirt by Kansas City designer Whitney Manney. Also, to pay tribute to the weaving texture, I used one of my favorite Summer totes by Anthony Luciano second-hand eBay). In the second photo, I used the black jacket to frame the bright Tee-Shirt like Gunta Stöltz did in her tapestry.

That rounds out this round up! We were a small but mighty group this round.

A big thank you to all of you who sent in such wonderful interpretations .

I was thinking of summer when I chose this work and everyone came up with great summer looks.

See you all next week when it will be Salazar’s turn to challenge us. See you next Monday!

Take care and be creative.

A Book That Has Always Inspired Me

I bought this book soon after it came out in the 90’s. It is wonderful but now out of print. Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey on the used market. It is written by Sigrid Wortmann Weltge.

5 thoughts on “Style Imitating Art Round Up-Gunta Stöltz’s Weaving

  1. So frustrated and disappointed with myself. I had dressed up in an interpretation for this SIA challenge and my hubs was even cooperative about taking my picture. And then I forgot to send it to you. Boo. Getting old really sucks in lots of ways. Maybe I will just do a quick post and share it on my blog. My interpretation was something like Shelbee’s. Fun to see everyone picked up on the texture but chose different colors from the art to use in their interpretation. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It happens-we just get other things on our minds. I you have it on your blog, I might go get a photo and put it in here anyway. If your’re on IG go ahead and put it there and tag us. Take care, Here’s to a new one Monday!


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