Mad About Plaid & Tunics

I’m pretty excited about a Karen Hart shirt/tunic that I just added to my closet. It’s fitted, long and flattering. With a full buttoned front, this top can be used for an extra layered look or just by itself. The sleeves (which are lined with another fabric) can be turned up (to show off bracelets) or left long for extra warmth.

Long shirt/tunics may be one of those style choices that can work well for adolescents to their grandmothers–even great-grandmothers. For casual/comfortable situations, long fitted shirts pose a chic and modern look.

Also, plaid is timeless. It has been a classic as far back as I can remember and never feels old. Easily a three season piece, this shirt/tunic will see many shopping trips and get- togethers with family friends.

For contrast, I added a black ChiChi 3/4 sleeve length, microfiber layering top. These come in many colors and are so handy. I paired my favorite denim high waisted jeggings by American Eagle.  After wearing this pair (constantly) I can understand why American Eagle jeans is America’s favorite brand. They are fantastic! The denim colored suede booties (Marc Fisher/two seasons ago) are about the same color as the jeans, making a smoother look . Also, notice the bias cut on the button band and pocket: another feature that caught my eye. 
I don’t know if it matters what bag you have to wear with a denim and plaid look. Today I simply chose a neutral colored bag that I really like: a 2nd hand LV bag from The RealReal.
Cheers! The perfect outfit for meeting up with friends at our local wine bar.

I found this shirt at a good friend’s boutique, What to Wear, on the central square in county seat Butler, Missouri (about 50 miles south of Kansas City). I wasn’t able to find this exact Karen Hart shirt online. However, I did find a few that were similar: plaid shirt/tunics that are fitted and buttoned all the way down, nicely versatile features.

You might try these links. I especially love #3!


#1 Black & Red Plaid-$21.99 Amazon 

#2 A bit shorter but comes in five different plaids. $59.95 from L.L.Bean

#3 Orange themed tunic-$59.99 from Soft Surroundings (on sale)

I wonder if anyone else has discovered the versatility of these long buttoned up tunics for women our age. Let me know if you have. I love them, especially ones in plaid.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post today…stay creative.


Until next time, Style on!


Last week, I had to say goodby to my beautiful and longtime companion, Sophia. With that, I needed some shopping therapy; hence the visit to my friend Debbie’s shop. In all, I came home with five new versatile pieces. Guess I will be blogging a little more because I have ideas for each piece.

Dedicated to Sophia, my little style icon. She appeared in quite a few of my posts over the years. And yes, in photo three, we have outfits from the same fabric-life with a Poodle! Michael use to joke that she had more clothes than him. 

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12 thoughts on “Mad About Plaid & Tunics

  1. I’m so sorry about Sophia. They bring out the best in us, and it’s so hard to be without them.
    I just love this tunic….I’m adding more to my wardrobe too.

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    1. Thank you Jodie, Yes-being without her is hard but I have so many wonderful memories. As far as these long shirts-this is my first fitted one. I made a swing blouse last year but it’s very limited in where I can wear it. This plaid tunic is perfect for most what I do now. I think everyone needs them in their closet.


    1. Thank you Iris. Yes, it was a bit hard to say goodby to Sophia-she pretty much went with us everywhere.
      I am with you on the one long shirt. This is the only one I have too. I do sew and have one in mind already. Take care, Terri


  2. Hi Terry,
    it’s so sad that you lost Sophia! I hope shopping helped you to think about something different. And you did a good job! Plaids are so in fashion this season. I love them too, especially Glencheck! I’m curious what else you brought home!
    XOXO Reni

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    1. The shopping helped for a little while-I just had to keep busy that next day. It was the first day of her 1/2 off sale which meant more to chose from. And now I think I will blog for a while, at least twice a month. Take care Reni. It was nice to hear from you.

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  3. Terri, this tunic is wonderful! I love the soft shades of blue and the tunic length. And your booties are such a beautiful color, too. And that second hand LV bag is on point! I look forward to seeing the other style posts you have in mind for your new pieces. I am so sorry to hear about Sophie as well. Sending you lots of healing thoughts.Thanks so much for joining my link party.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Shelbee-yep, I really like this tunic. It sort of got me into blogging again ( a Little). Thank you about your kind words about Sophia-it’s a drag, that’s for sure. I know things get easier over time and this one will too-but she will always be that “special” one for me.
      And thank you for keeping up your link up-it’s not easy, I know.


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