Classic Stripes

Some patterns and weaves are classics. They have history. Sometimes they can be the trend of the moment, but when they aren’t, they are still in the cultural radar being woven, sewn and worn by some one. Patterns that come to mind are gingham, plaid, tweed (although more of a texture than pattern), herringbone, houndstooth, and stripes.

My shirt is Lauren by Ralph Lauren and I found it for $18.00 on clearance at the fairly new Marshalls in Belton, MO.

I’ve worn many stripped patterns in my day, as I’m sure we all have. Since early last year, I’ve hankered for a great stripped shirt and if it was navy and white, even better. This combination looks so crisp and may be paired with nearly any color for a truly classic look.


I found one that I love, although it’s really more than a tunic than a shirt. The fiber is polyester so I wouldn’t want to wear it on a really hot day. But we were lucky last week with some cool weather, perfect for a wine bar grand opening. I just rolled up my pants legs, rolled up my sleeves and off we went!


All Those Important Extras



The Lucy Colorblock Crossbody

My bag is bittersweet. I snagged the last “Lucy Colorblock Crossbody” bag at a spring sale in March on the Francis Valentine site. “Francis Valentine” is Kate and Andy Spade’s new company that they launched spring of 2016 (the launch party was in Kansas City, her home town), ten years after selling off her first company “Kate Spade”.

The “Lucy” is the perfect little spring/summer leather bag and is, as all things Kate touched, spot on. The blue, white and yellow combination stands out and it goes with three-fourths of my summer wardrobe and does get compliments.

Since Kate’s sad, sad death, the “Francis Valentine” website was swamped and for a while completely out of stock. It is slowly getting back with merchandise. The fall line, when it is released will be the last line that she designed. “Francis Valentine” always always reflected Kate Spade’s spirit but with a new voice which I found appealing. Regarding her designs, Kate Valentine Spade said: “I didn’t want to do anything too basic or conservative, and I’m not interested in fleeting trends,” she continues. “I was looking for something modern, architectural, and sophisticated, but with a personality to it without bordering on silly.”

I hope the line lives on with her spirit. Only time will tell.

Kiko Milano 487-a Rose Metallic Color

I blogged about nail polish for almost four years and I still love it. I never wore polish while I was teaching. Being an art teacher, my hands were always into something and keeping nail polish looking good was impossible. However, when I retired, I went crazy for the stuff. If you don’t believe me, check out HERE, which is my Blogger blog about nails. I used to do some pretty wild and crazy nail art!

I’ve had Kiko 487 for at least three years and finally took the time to put it on. It’s a rose color with a metallic finish. Unfortunately, it is a retired color. The closest I could find in this color is OPI’s My Address Is Hollywood.

However, the OPI is a cream finish so the effect is going to be quite different.

What are metallic and cream finishes? Here’s a great article on the different types of finishes nail polishes come in.

Franco Sarto’s Nataly Wedge Sandal

About this time every year, I seem to order a pair of shoes from DSW. Could it be because they give me $5 off for my birthday? The suede lace-up wedges I’m wearing in the pic were last years’ purchase.

I have given them a workout over the past year. “Franco Sarto” doesn’t have anything similar for this season–but take a gander at these:

Maisi Platform Sandal-I am willing to bet that they will go on sale pretty soon.


Unfortunately, they have received fairly poor reviews. Does anyone else read reviews before ordering online? I find them super helpful, especially when buying shoes.

The Gemsporium Ring

I’ve always wanted a pearl ring but one with some personality. A pearl that is cushioned on what could be an octopus tentacle does it for me. (Daughter: “Mom, it looks like what Ursula wore from Little Mermaid!”) I found it at my favorite international jewelry maker on eBay: Gemsporium out of Thailand. 

Pics From the Wine Bar Opening

The brand new Somerset Wine Bar just happens to be located in our favorite garden and nursery center, Rosehill Gardens in Martin City, Missouri. While I was sipping wine with my friends, Michael was also “testing” the wine and found much in the nursery he loved.

Michael was busy studying plants, so a very nice young lady agreed to snap my photo.

It’s even more fun when you are there with friends. Randi (another retired art teacher and jewelry designer) and Lynn (a business guru) are both also members of Fashion Group International. It’s nice to be a member of an organization that likes to work and play together.


A Few Strips Now & Then

Navy and white stripes are so popular, just google those four words in the shopping tab and up pops a wonderland of stripes in different styles, pieces and prices!

Probably because of my fashion history project on Instagram, I was very interested in finding stripes from different decades.


The top center is from 1912 and I couldn’t resist James Dean looking all cool and detached. I also found something from the form fitting 40s to ever so chic Kate. The one drawing (The Monte Carlo Overalls) is from one of my favorite catalogues to peruse, J. Peterman.


Do you wear stripes and if so, what color?


Sometimes I wish I could have my blog set up like a newsletter with columns so I could images.jpgdiscuss totally different subjects. I found a great game app that makes learning how colors effect each other when mixed.

It’s Blendoku and is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. I’ve been playing it’s and it fun! Just go to the link above and they have links to take you to whatever platform you need.



I link up with some great blogs every week. To see who they are go HERE.

Michael gets credit for the photos of me (except one) and does a bit of editing from time to time.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..



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22 thoughts on “Classic Stripes

  1. I always love a blue and white stripe Terri!! And those shoes take this classic print and add such a great modern vibe!! I love that you keep your style so contemporary!!
    I couldn’t add any more to the link party—it said the collection was closed??


  2. Thanks Jodie, and Isn’t blue and white great!? Yea, the party is closed for June. I am going a post for Friday, because, well, it’s 1st Friday! I’ll start working on the collage and the new link up will be next Friday. And Jodie, I goofed. I should not have put that one there. I just wan’t thinking-my fault. I have now taken if off. Sorry-Terri


  3. I love classic blue and white stripes. The long shirt looks great with the white trousers and those fabulous wedge sandals. I’m a big fan of Kiko and recently bought one of their fast dry nail polishes. It’s really easy to apply and the range of colours are great.

    Emma xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I think that any one, any age can wear vertical stripes like this successfully. I did notice Kiko’s fast dries when I was window shopping their site for this post. I noticed that their polishes now have names which wasn’t the case when I bought mine.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting:-)


    1. Rosehill is not our favorite plant and nursery for nothing, It is so beautiful! I even love it in the fall when there aren’t very many flowers.

      I think I still could wear this blouse in ten years time. It’s to bad Kiko doesn’t make this polish anymore and I tried to find a dupe for it but just didn’t have any luck.

      Nice to see you dropping by-Terri xox


  4. Yup, pretty perfect for a wine bar, and also cool in these soaring temperatures.
    You must have felt good in your wedges, and a little more comfortable than the featured espadrille towers! Love your choice of nail colour, a perfect accompaniment to the outfit blues.
    Hugs, x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mary
      The blouse is polyester, so I don’t know how cool it would be in really hot weather. We were really lucky that day with 75F, a rarity for this time of the year. But it soon made up for it and soared to 97F all last week.

      Those other shoes got bad reviews. They fell apart and these folks paid $150 for them. Mine were 1.4 that and great shoes-by the same company (which does have a good reputation).

      I love coral colors and I think this one is pretty much that and it is the only metallic I have in the coral color range. Thanks for stopping by.
      Terri xox


    1. I can’t believe tomorrow is 1st Friday either! I just finished my post for the slow fashion walk . Truthfully, I prefer TJ Maxx and they, along with Home Goods, are owned by the same company. However, Marshalls is a lot closer than any TJ. Take care, Terri xox


    1. It’s such an easy look. I really didn’t need any jewelry or anything. Stripes are just easy on the eyes and always look put together. It’s a funny think about those shoes. I wore them all last summer but they were never noticed. Put them with white and they really stand out. I guess that’s a lesson learned. The bonus is that they are easy to walk in and very comfortable.. Terri xox

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this look on you Terri! Stripes are always in fashion, and besides the various colours, there’s such a variety of styles: thin, bold, horizontal, vertical, diagonal.

    I have several striped tops: red and white, blue and white, black and white, red and black, black and beige. Recently got a new one with thin black and white stripes which I haven’t worn yet, I’ll show it this summer.

    See you tomorrow for 1st Friday linkup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right! I’ve always had stripped T-Shirts but not a woven blouse and that is what I’ve been after for such a long time. Sometimes, I pick things up at Marshalls & TJ Maxx and when I saw this one, tunic, there was no way it wasn’t going home with me. I think it’s such a classic that it will last me for years.
      Tomorrow is here!
      Terri, xox

      Liked by 1 person

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