Me, the Looking Glass and Chanel-


Last Tuesday was my first workshop as a Kansas City Blog Guild member. And what a workshop it was! Macy’s of Town Center and CHANEL teamed together so we could learn about and experience the CHANEL line.

Our instructor/makeup artist, Rence, demonstrating the correct way to put on moisturizer.

I do a lot of things well, but I have always muddled through my makeup. Thanks to our makeup artist/instructor Rence, the muddle became much clearer! 

What did I learn? Heavens, where to start. First, I learned how to tight line my eyelids. It turns out that this is very important to someone with eyes like mine. I am a “double whammy” lady with hooded and extremely recessed eyes. Tight lining is the first step in making my eyes stand out better. 


CHANEL’S Tight Liner for the eyes reminds me a a good watercolor brush; soft and very responsive to the touch. This will always now be in my makeup arsenal.

Eye shadow is the second step in bringing out eyes. It’s such an easy concept, but I had never thought about it. Rence demonstrated how to apply eye shadow to create a more opened eye. As an Art Teacher, I knew that light colors advance and dark colors recede. But I never translated that rule for my eye lids! 

  First, a light base color is applied to the whole eyelid. Then the darker shadow is applied on the outer third of the eye. This is so easy and makes so much sense. I am thinking if you want a crease line, make it a little higher to further open the eye up.

I don’t think you need false eyelashes when you have CHANEL’S Nourishing Mascara Base and Mascara. The combination of these two make for incredible lashes. I have never seen my lashes look this great!


Le Lift before you even start. Le Lift for the eyes is an incredible creme that shows immediate effect in lessening wrinkles and bags. I saw the results on my own eyes when I was at the workshop. Until the research on second skin becomes a reality, I think this will work for me. It’s expensive, but when Rence showed us how little you use, I worked the math and it comes to 27 cents a day. Not too bad, when you look at it that way (it’s about $100  jar).


Members of the Kansas City Blog Guild trying out Chanel’s makeup and skin care products

 Before I leave, I have to say something about CHANEL’S CC Cream. I regularly use CC cream and have for quite a while and have never experienced anything like Chanel’s. First of all, it has a
SPF of 50. I don’t think I’ve previously seen or at least used any that was over 30. And it just made my skin look dewy and radiant. Bottom line, I was amazed. 

I pulled this from CHANEL’S site. I afraid we didn’t get any free samples of this one.

Can you tell that I had a great time? I loved this workshop and learned so much. I was not alone. I love playing with brushes to begin with and to be able to put art theory with makeup was just wonderful. I felt it was an art class for adults!

Goody Bag!

What’s a workshop without a goody bag. CHANEL was generous and I have been using my CHANEL samples regularly and will make room in my budget for my favorites. As much as I love perfume, the Coco fragrance is a nice addition to my perfume collection. 

That’s it for this time. I will see you next Sunday when I do my regular style post. This one was just something extra. I wanted to share my first workshop experience and these wonderful makeup and skin care products. I didn’t even get into the eye shadows we tried and the lip products. Yes, they were equally wonderful also. When I was nail blogging, I always felt that the CHANEL polishes were the Holy Grail of the polish world. Now, I am thinking the same is true of their makeup and skincare line. 

It didn’t seem right to have a post about makeup and skin care without showing my face.

I will add that I am wearing CHANEL’s Vitalumiére Aqua in 30 Beige as my foundation and my new eyes.

Take care, 



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