Poodle Time! Poodle In The Kitchen

Cooking season is steaming towards us.
Vintage linen tea towel from my personal collection
 I am sure many have had their executive meetings to figure out who is making what (for at least Thanksgiving). It is time to dust off the tried and true favorite recipes and maybe throw in some new ones to stir things up.
With the holidays coming, I explored how to add a little Poodle to the kitchen.  Here are a few ideas from online shops.

A smart looking tea towel-found at Cupcake Provocateur

Retro inspired kitchen apron from Jessica Steele-can be found at Elizabeth’s Embellishments

Le Woof Plate from Anthropologie

This is a poor picture but a great cookie cutter-it’s copper and
yes a bit pricy for a cookie cutter.  I found it at
Copper Gifts

Try to make clean up as fun as possible with some outrageous Poodle gloves.
You can get a pair at Wayfair.

And maybe your furry kid needs to lose a few ounces after the holidays? We have found a great idea for Niko. It’s the Kibble Nibble. Here’s a short video of him and it in action. 

I purchased his at our vet’s, but Premier Pet has a huge selection of interactive toys. The Magic Mushroom looks to be next on our list.

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