Style Imitating Art’s Review for Portrait of Abigale Rose

Hello and welcome to a Style Imitating Art review featuring all the wonderful interpretations that were sent to me this week.

What is Style Imitating Art?

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge, and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspirational image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog. This is that Wednesday for me!

This Week’s Inspirational Work

This round I went with a sweet and quaint 18th-century portrait of a fourteen-year-old young lady by the name of Abigale Rose.

It’s Time for the Review!

First Up is Sally of Within a World of My Own in St. Paul

Her look was inspired by the painting’s color scheme, window pane motif (scarf), locket (pendant), and sheet music (black and white DIY paper bead bracelet). I love her white rabbit

Next is Marsha of Marsha in the Middle

She started with the scarf, which seemed to look closest to the fichu. Next, a dusty pink skirt and a top with embroidered flowers were added to the mix. Marsha is holding one of the three porcelain boxes she picked up on her trips to London over the years. I will also say that I love Marsha’s new hair color!

The Hosts

Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey

Salazar has two outfits for SIA this time – the one with the red blazer is actually her Halloween costume (inspired by the character Arthur Havisham in BBC’s Dickensian), but the colors and pattern work for the painting, so she included it. The one with the olive culottes was put together for SIA specifically, and she went with the “rose” theme for it, which is reflected in both her waistcoat and my brooch. Both are beautiful styles.

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

Shelbee thought of this minty green floral embroidered skirt that she had had for years. She did struggle with styling and decided to keep it rather simple with an ivory sweater, tights, and boots. Shelbee then added a pink floral scarf to represent Abigail Rose’s rose, but then also snipped a tiny frozen bud from her rose bush to use as a prop. This really is a gorgeous look.

And Finally Me…

I took a few elements from the painting: the dusty green, lace, and flowers (although mine are very abstract). Like Shelbee, this duster has been in my closet for years and I think I’ve only worn it out once. However, I did remove the belt loops and belt and found I like it so much better.

This wraps up this Review for this round of Style Imitating Art. Thank you everyone for your wonderful interpretation of my second curation for this year. It was wonderful to see such gorgeous fall ideas and it’s nice to know that flower prints are thriving!

That’s it. Take care, everyone, and see you next week when Shelbee presents her first artwork.

Stay creative (with this group, that’s an easy one)!

9 thoughts on “Style Imitating Art’s Review for Portrait of Abigale Rose

  1. Love how this portrait inspired both very feminine and less feminine looks! Salazar really showed that all by herself with two delightful interpretations in both more feminine and more masculine modes, both with waistcoats! Nice job, everyone! I’m already looking forward to the next SIA. This challenge is addictive.

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