Simply Color

Hello, it has been a bit since I have blogged on the Journal. But I wanted to put up some photos of Fiber U that just happened this past weekend. This event, in Lebanon, Missouri is becoming one of the premier summer fiber happenings in this area.  Last year Michael and I attended as visitors and I did a blog about our experience

In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to come back as a teacher. I submitted my “Simply Color” class and it was accepted. I had a great time this weekend teaching one of my favorite subjects, color theory. The class is geared towards the fiber arts because, well, that’s what I do.  So here is a few shots of my class.

After my lecture, students traveled to different mini-stations to experiment with color.

Using hand combs to blend dyed fibers to experiment with color combinations

Looking at color swatches through a kaleidoscope, one of my favorite things to do. 

Color drafting patterns to test combinations. This is really good for color-way knits such as Intarsia and Fair Isle


Another view of color blending

What can I say, I’m a teacher, I usually have something to say-and hopefully it is
halfway helpful.
My sample table with items I’ve done to show different color relationships. It has the simplest such as
monochromatic to one of the more complicated, the Square Tetrad. I also have out a few books that

I use. Color Works by Deb Menz is one of
my favorite. 
Using watercolors to practice how to mix colors to achieve desired results-good practice for future hand dying projects.

 Anyone who knows me knows that I love nail polish and nail design. This was my design for my color theory class.
It’s not exactly analogous, probably closer to monochromatic.

To top it off, my daughter Michelle took a day off from her very busy life and attended the event with me. This made it all the more special. She took a rug hooking class and enjoyed it very much. 

It will be awhile again until I post on the Journal. I am still working on my Counterpane scarf/shawl and need to work on a dye combination before I can call it done. 

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