Two for Jazz Stories: Mama Can Sing, Papa Can Blow#1:Somebody Stole My Broken Heart

Hello and welcome to my interpretations of this edition of the SIA challenge.
About Style Imitating Art

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspiration image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

This Round’s Presenter

Today, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks is the curator.

This Week’s Inspirational Image
My Takes on This Work

This painting just made me want to “dress to the nines” as we say around here and I had two inspirations.

I know red is prominent in this work and I totally ignored that and went with how this work made me feel. I still kept loosely based in the color families. However, I did take the yellow of the singer’s dress and translate it into gold.

Inspiration #1-All Is Golden

First, I will discuss my base piece which I wear in both interpretations, which are my palazzo pants that I made. These pants are one of the most worn item in my wardrobe, when Covid is not upon us. They can be either formal or semi-formal. I have worn them to the symphony and gallery openings. I made them in the Fall of 2016 from Vogue 1168, a Donna Karen Vogue pattern, which is now out of print.

Both the Calvin Klein knitted Bolero and the fully lined 85% Acetate/15% Polyester Albert Nippon shell were both sourced second hand from threadUP, a very large on-line second hand site here in the USA.

I bought my gold shoes at a Marc Fisher clearance during the Fall of 2019, thinking they would get worn a lot, especially to the symphony. Well, Covid hit and I haven’t gotten to wear them a all. Things are looking up though.

For jewelry, I am wearing two Elizabeth Cole pieces ; a chunky necklace and ram head cuff that I found 2nd second hand on Poshmark.

The clutch is the outlier here. I bought it new from the charity organization Lions in Four, which is now non existent. It’s sad because I really liked the work they were doing in India for women.

Inspiration #2

This time i went with the black and blue suits. Again, the palazzo pants with a silk top that I made from Simplicity 1590, a retro 1940’s top. I made these two pieces at the same time to be worn together. The occasion was the Fall 2016 Kansas City Fashion Show. The post that has all the details about the makes and the show is HERE.

The top is blue silk Crepe de Chine that I found at Mood Fabric. When I bought the color was called Mazarite but now called Estate Blue or at least they look the same. The tone of this blue changes, depending on the lighting.

As far as accessories, my Ted Baker cuff with the gold bows was found second hand on Poshmark. My clutch is a Leo by Rebecca Minkoff and my heels are by Nine West, bought at the time I made these two pieces. The heels go great but they are some of the most unconformable shoes I have ever worn. It has to do with how the heel is attached, I think.

That’s it up for me.

Will You Join In the Fun?

I hope this art inspires you to create a look and that you will join us. Send a photo of your SIA inspired outfit along with a small blurb on how you were inspired to Daenel whose email is by Tuesday, October 19th (tomorrow). She share the submissions on her blog on Wednesday, October 20th.

Anyone can participate and you certainly do not have to have a blog.

If you do share your inspirations on Instagram use the hashtag #StyleImitatingArt so we know you are there. You can also tag us in the images. Our Instagram names are: terrigardner_meadowtree, daenelt and 14shadesofgrey.

Extra-Kansas City Jazz

It’s hard not to hear a little jazz is you grew up in and around Kansas City. Daenel is in New Orleans, which is a great jazz town too. But there has traditionally been a difference between the two styles. Up front, I will say that I am not a jazz expert;I just know what I like. I did have to do some research to really understand what made Kansas City jazz different that others.

As far as KC jazz, it was known for being a looser format, letting band members play riffs against each other. A few well know musicians got their start in Kansas City including Count Basie and Charlie Parker.

There’s some interesting history on why jazz grew so quickly in Kansas City during the 1920’s. Kansas City in the20’s and 30s was very much the crossroads of the United States. All trains went through here. It was also the zenith of power of political boss Tom Pendergast and he made sure Kansas City was a wide open town with liquor laws and hours totally ignored.

That created an environment that let clubs flourish. It makes sense to me that where there are clubs there needs to be musicians and when there are so many talented people gathered great ideas are born and so a rich history of jazz in Kansas City was started.

So sometimes, something good grown out of something bad. I mean Tom Pederast was a bad guy. You look up corruption in Kansas City, and his name will always come up first.

If you ever get to Kansas City, try to visit the American Jazz Museum.

Me about four years ago when I attended the opening of Women’s Equality Week which was held at the KC Jazz museum.

My Favorite Kansas City jazz singer

I’ve admired Eboni Fondren for a few years. I am closing with a link to one of her performances. And you are not going to believe this, but what she is wearing fits into our current Style Imitating Art theme. Here is Ebonie & the Ivories performing “Deed I Do”.

That wraps things up for today. Take care and stay creative

16 thoughts on “Two for Jazz Stories: Mama Can Sing, Papa Can Blow#1:Somebody Stole My Broken Heart

      1. Awesome interpretations, Terri! I think that both of your outfits represent the piece well, and I really like how you went with how it made you feel, and not worrying so much about an “exact” interpretation. Sometimes, those are the best ones!
        I really like jazz too. While I do prefer classical over jazz as my “go to” music, jazz just kind of puts me “in the mood” for relaxation, in a different way than classical does. Music is such a powerful medium, and it’s interesting learning how it affects people in different ways.
        Again, great job, Terri!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello Mike and thank you! We go to classical music concerts too. I have worn these pants many times to listen to the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra at the Kauffman Center.


    1. Thank you Daenel, I’m pretty limited on bright colored clothing and certainly on bright colored paints, but color blocking I can do. I’ve actually worn these two outfits to events and know I feel very comfortable in them.


  1. Terri, both of these outfits are so beautiful and elegant with the perfect jazzy feel for the art inspiration. That cobalt blue is magnificent on you and I really like the peplum style with your palazzo pants. I am a fan of jazz as well but not very literate in the genre. I often put on jazz mixes as background music while I am working. I really enjoyed reading the history of the KC jazz scene. And you are so right, good things can come out of bad. I think that happens most of the time in one way or another!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shelbee, I feel comfortable wearing these kind of clothes and both of these outfits have seen a few wears. Someday I will probably wear these pants out! I like the idea that they look like pants until you start walking-sort of super dressy casual. Can’t wait to see what you do-know it will be fabulous.


  2. Your outfits are so chic and glamorous!!! I love them and they are perfect for going to a concert! You would be someone I admired at the ballet too!
    I love your Palazzo trousers- they are a beautiful shape and super impressive that you made them!
    It was really interesting to hear your take on Jazz too! Thank you for sharing!x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kezzie, I got to do two of my favorite things for this one. Wear something that I have sewn and putting together 2nd hand things that I have found throughout the years. I’ve made a second pair of these pants but they are for summer only and don’t get as worn as much as these do.


    1. Hello Marion-thank you! Well, you know how much I’m over on yours checking out your sew-alongs-so the feeling is mutual. It’s nice to find out that you are also from around KC. We didn’t move to far away-just an hour.


  3. Oh my gosh! You look stunning in both outfits. I want that Simplicity top! And that’s too bad that Vogue pattern is not OOP…looks so fab on you.
    If I ever get to that neck of woods, I would certainly try to visit the museum. Thanks for the heads up, Terri:)
    PS That sweater I knitted was done bottom up:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for saying something so nice. When Donna Karen retired from her design company in 2015, she stopped designing patterns for Vogue too. However, most of her patterns can be found on ETSY or eBay which is good. She was one of my favorite Vogue designed so it was a sad day that there wouldn’t be anymore DKNY at Vogue. Take care, Terri


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