Yellow, Blue & Pearls/Style Imitating Art

Hello and welcome to my interpretation of this weeks Style Imitating Art.

Style Imitating Art is hosted biweekly by Salazar of14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me.  Style Imitating Art challenges us to create an outfit using art as inspiration.  From experience, I know that there are so many different ways to interpret a work of art art and a carry out a creative project. There aren’t wrong answers! There are so many ways of interpretation: colors, genre, subject matter, particular elements of art and design …I could go on.

This Weeks Inspirational Work

This weeks inspirational work is A Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer which was chosen by me.

My Style

My interpretation of this work is fairly literal; blue, yellow and pearls. I styled something that I could easily wear out and about. Before Covid, we regularly ate out at our little wine bistro here in our small town and are looking forward to returning to our routine. This outfit is perfect for something like that; my “Wine Bar Casual” look, as you could say ( I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this kind of look).

All items featured have been with me for quite a while. My DKNY asymmetrical cardigan was on clearance about a dozen years ago at TJ Maxx and I pull it out occasionally but usually wear it with grey so pairing it with blue is a different look for me.

Rather than a white collar, I have a long faithful V-neck top from Chico’s. Years ago, on the way out of Joplin, after visiting my daughter, I would stop by Chico’s and check out their sale rack. This was one of my sale scores.

My blue is picked up in my American Eagle jeans. Can you believe that I found these at Goodwill? My kids kept telling me how great American Eagle jeans were, but I just didn’t take heed. It took being able to get get a pair for about $5 that tempted me to try them. Well, three pairs later, I am a big fan!

Marc Fisher is one of my favorite shoe companies, and I am wearing a pair of blue suede boots from them.

Then there are my pearls. Firstly, I didn’t go with a pearl necklace but a pendent necklace that I made from a piece that I got on sale at Joanne’s. It might be some type of quartz? But whatever it is, it goes with the pearls that I chose to wear.

I have large pearl drops (no idea when and where I got them), a three strand bracelet from eBay and a single pearl ring from my favorite eBay shops; Gemporium. Most pieces from Gemporium are auction based and it’s really hard to win a auction-they are that popular.

Not a Turban But Something For My Hair

I have one black hair band and that is the only one I own. I wanted some kind of hair treatment so took a scrap of blue silk that I dyed for another project and wrapped it around my black band. I have to admit, I like the way it looks and might wear it again.

If I go out wearing this, I will carry a bag, of course. My pick might surprise you because it has none of my outfit colors. I’m using one of my Anthony Luciano’s that he has done in the three secondary colors. I love how it contrasts with yellow.

Anthony makes all his bags by hand at his studio at West 36th Street in New York. His bags are very expensive and there is no way I could ever afford one new and constantly scour Internet 2nd sale sites for his bags.

He’s such a nice guy and always says something nice on Instagram when I post me with one of his 2nd loved bags and he knows that I never purchase them new.

Now It’s Your Turn

That finishes me out. It’s now your turn. How have you interpreted this wonderful work of art? If you have not already sent me your design, please do so at I will do a roundup this Wednesday featuring all your designs. There are no wrong answers and I’m looking forward to your style ideas.

As an retired art teacher, this is so up my ally and I am so happy to get to be part of this challenge.

Create on and stay safe, my friends.

21 thoughts on “Yellow, Blue & Pearls/Style Imitating Art

  1. beautiful

    On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 8:02 AM MeadowTree Style wrote:

    > terrigardner1 posted: ” Hello and welcome to my interpretation of this > weeks Style Imitating Art. Style Imitating Art is hosted biweekly by > Salazar of14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me. > Style Imitating Art challenges us to create an ou” >

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  2. I’m really excited to see the round up on Wednesday! I’m already loving yours and Salazar’s!
    Firstly, I must comment on your perfect book nook for taking photos in- such a brilliant backdrop.
    Your outfit is wonderful- I love the way you went for the colours but with a slightly different spin and wonderful draping cardigan. Wrapping the material round the black headband was a genius idea (I recently ‘faked’ a very expensive necklace for my Doctor Who-inspired outfit by making one out of silver mirror card and attaching with jump rings to achieve the look of the necklace I wanted- so I love a bit of DIY to make something you want/don’t have!
    The boots are such a sumptuous colour and they look so chic!

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    1. Thank you Kezzie and I got your photo. I love my corner library. I had it built by a local craftsman about 12 years ago. My husband got so jealous, we had him come back and put another one the the opposite corner. It’s one of my, “It’s too cold outside to take pictures spots”.

      I’m a if you need it, you can make kind of person. This blog is just as much about sewing as it is styling, these days.


    1. Thank you, This painting inspired me I think. You’ve read Fashion and Fancy? I saw it as a reference book when we attended a Rembrandt an Vermeer exhibition and decided I needed it in my collection. Thank you for coming by and seeing me.


  3. I love this picture very much. Have you seen the film with Scarlet Johannson?Your interpretation is perfectly done once again! I like your pearls very much and your hair band, which suits you nicely. And I’m in love with this bag and the cardy!!!
    Take care.

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    1. Hello Reni, Thank you. I really like doing this art and style combination. Sometimes it stretches one to think outside the box. We both know the importance of keeping a few classics in our closet for years and this cardi is one of them. Take care, Terri

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  4. Terri, I love this artwork that you chose for inspiration and your outfit is so lovely! The long yellow cardigan is really quite the statement piece. And I really like your hair with the headband. I hope I am not too late but I just saw the SIA post today and quickly created an outfit to submit. I will be emailing it to you in a few minutes!


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    1. Thank you-I am smitten with how the past can be worn in the present and the SIA challenge is one way to do this. I will admit that I was pretty happy with the results. As I said, this cardi is old old old but one that I still pull out occasionally because it does make a statement.


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