10 Essentials

What Do I Think Is Essential?

What are essential items of clothing for me? I’ve mentioned before that before I really consider adding a piece to my closet, it must go with at least three pieces that I already have. For something to be “essential” I raise the ante. A essential piece has to be multi purpose, coordinate with more than one style, and be timeless in a way that I would want to wear it for at least ten years (or more.)

I chosen ten items that I use over and over again and would like to share them with you. My ten essentials are a white shirt, black or dark blazer, the LBD (of course), a black T-Shirt (an extra white one is even better), one basic crew or turtleneck, dark pair of jeans, black flats, black heels, one perfect big back and a few scarfs.

To make my point, I’ve put together some style boards for each item and so let’s get going…

The White Shirt

You can dress it up, you can dress it down, put it under a sweater or wear it as a light jacket.

The Black (or dark) Blazer

Wear it with jeans, a dress or dress pants. Put whites. prints or even chartreuse under it. A well cut blazer will always make you look put together.

The Little Black Dress

There’s a LBD out there to fit all tastes. I bet most of us have more than one. Change it up with different jewelry, scarfs, jackets. The looks are endless. The is a good reason that the LBD never goes out of style. 

Turtleneck or Crew Neck Sweater

I prefer a turtleneck but some like crews. I wear my black with everything and added a purple this year.

Black T-Shirt

They can go over or under. If they are long enough you can use them as a tunic. Want to make them shorter? Use a hair band at the bottom side like I did with my yoga pants.


A  pair of dark jeans can take you anywhere unlike acid washed or faded which can only be very causal.

There’s a jean style for everyone.

Black Flats

Black Flats
They are comfy and go with anything. It there’s one thing I’ll will spend good money on; it’s a pair of good flats. My Marc Fisher’s Sunny D’orsay Flats are indispensable.

Black Pumps

Ah, so many to choose from!

The Perfect Bag That Can Hold Everything.


One good bag should last for years. I bought this one about 2010 and it still looks good. When I’m not using my good bags, they are stuffed with tissue paper and are in a dust bag. 

A Few Scarfs

OK, I have more than a few. I’ve been collection scarfs for forty years and love finding new ways to wear them.

As I was saying, finding new ways to wear them 

I am at the end of my ten.I realize this is a pretty skimmed down list. I am really interested what’s on your top 10 list. This could be a fun thing to share. That’s it for today!

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Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


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9 thoughts on “10 Essentials

  1. Well I found myself nodding along as I read this, many are on my list too. I don’t have dark jeans and am still searching for the perfect bag. I would put a longline and a short cardigan on the list too and a maxi skirt.
    I loved looking at the shoe display and spent quite a while scrutinising the scarves!
    It’s lovely to see you modelling so many of your outfits, you have illustrated your essentials list with panache. I found myself trying to choose a favourite and it was hard. I love the black ensemble with gold pendant and big sunglasses, it looks very glam. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sally, this was the companion post for the presentation that I did today for my retired teacher’s association. Ten was really hard to do because I really could have added some more but I was determined not to go over 20 minutes and I was at about 19.45 when I was ended. I put all of these photos in a PowerPoint and where we met had a very good system with a big screen. I got a VGA cable for our Mac 💻 and it worked. I think the ladies liked it and I did my slow fashion activism at the end and hit them with a few facts. But, I’m glad it’s over.


  2. I do love these items, yet I’ve been trying to concentrate on wearing more color that looks good on me (and unfortunately black isn’t one of those colors). So while I have all of these pieces, I haven’t been wearing them lately. But give me a blue dress and nude heels and I’m good to go!!
    I added my mom to the linkup with her gorgeous blue mod dress that she thrifted!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I probably do wear more black than most. I always say, “it’s an art teacher thing”. But this post today was blog form of a PowerPoint that I gave my Mid Central Retired Teachers’ group. I know this was a bare bone list, but I was determined that my talk would only last for 20 minutes and I ended with 10 seconds to spare! Thanks for adding Charlotte-I appreciate it.


  3. An excellent post, Terri, how long it must have taken you pull all this together.
    I couldn’t be without a hip length cardi, so I’d have that instead of the CWS, which I never wear because of my shape. Otherwise, you can put my name on that list! Thanks for your work, loved this post! Hugs, x.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you. Well, Mary this post came about because my retired school secretary asked me to talk about fashion when our unit hosted our retired teachers’ group and I couldn’t turn Roma down. I was determined not to talk over 20 minutes because these meeting really can last forever. I made it by 10 seconds!

    These collages were my PowerPoint for my talk. I’m an art teacher-can’t do anything without my visuals. This list could easily been 15 items but knew I really needed to stick to 10 and we all have different needs and it has been fun to hear what is on everyone else’s list. Terri xox


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