Purple, Brown and Leopard.

From childhood, I’ve enjoyed the blooming of irises. My appreciation goes back to my mother who  grew irises in her garden. On trips to my grandparents in Oklahoma, Mom would divide my grandma’s irises and take roots back with our family to Missouri. When Michael and I made the move to our home, Mom shared her iris bounty with us. A favorite for me of these heirloom irises now gracing our garden, is the color combination of purple and brown.


The “styling like an iris” inspiration came during on my last trip to Joplin’s Goodwill. My best luck comes at thrift stores when I go in with an clear heart and just see what I like. That day, the general feeling of “Spring’s coming!” was floating around in my head.

I really wanted to use my almost forgotten scarf pin…so the turtleneck gets covered.

Two items that I scored were a oblong chiffon leopard scarf and a never worn cotton/rayon/nylon purple turtleneck with its tag cut out. What does that mean? This is not the first time I’ve brought new looking things home without tags. I don’t know for sure, maybe an alert reader does, but I wonder if the donating brand just didn’t want buyers from thrift stores to know.

O.K. -this is what I do when I’m in a hurry: just throw the scarf on. It works for me!

Checking out: I threw the scarf on the turtleneck and loved the combo. Got home and pulled out my silk/linen brown Charter Club pants that I found over six years ago from eBay. Adding my Steve Madden Leopard flats…a new outfit is created!

A little more effort, but not much…just tie the scarf.

One detail that I like on these pants is a side split (see below). I now find myself designing side splits frequently into pants I make.

Do you like heelless flats? These are the first I’ve owned in a while. For me, it makes them a two-season show, Spring and Fall.


The pin (below), Mr. Leopard, had been quietly hiding in my drawer for a long time. In the ’80’s, I would get pins from museum shops. I believe this guy came from The Metropolitan Museum of art.


I think my new MCK Leopard cuff (below) is pretty chic. Using negative spaces for the spots is ingenious. Georgina Hererra of MCK makes a point to have jewelry lines at all price ranges.

Does anyone else love Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Bags? For me, they give off a Chanel vibe without that hefty price tag. The straps can change from a cross-body look to a shoulder bag look. Love’s come in so many finishes and styles, you can find one to go for about any occasion.

I have gone all out for gold tones today. Purple loves gold. I’m happy that gold is finally showing up more. During the 90’s it seemed to be passé but I kept every piece of gold jewelry I had and am always happy to add to my collection.


Have you ever thought about wearing  purple and brown together? Lilac would be another great color to pair with brown and you might see that from me later in the summer.

A Few Links for Today

MCK Jewelry
Rebecca Minkoff Love Bags
A lot of Leopard from Steve Madden (mine are sold out).

Thank you for stopping by. I’ll have another blog bit next week. You are certainly welcome to leave a comment or two or three. I love to hear from you.

Husband Michael gets credit for the photos of me and does a bit of editing from time to time.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..



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20 thoughts on “Purple, Brown and Leopard.

    1. Thank you Patti, I’ve collected a few pins and I keep trying ways to use them. Berets were one way but I think I need to work on the scarf avenue too. Thanks for having such a great linkup.


    1. Yes, i agree; it is a neutral but a patterned one and I don’t know what that has to really do with anything LOL. Traditionally animals prints are just paired with black. But I just like the way it looked against that purple top and it did have the right shade of brown to be able to use it with the brown pants. I have some other Leopard prints that the brown would be all wrong. These three particular shades do work together for this one thought. I see you linked up, thanks Jodie-I appreciate it.


  1. Purple and brown look great together but what I really love is how you raised the energy of your outfit with the touches of leopard and especially the way you extended the theme with your bracelet. It’s a thoughtful and very chic combination. You look great. xxx
    Ps I love those irises too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sally, I think it would be hard not to love irises, but you never know-some may not. There are so many beautiful combinations out there but the purple standards with the brownish falls will always be my favorite.

      Ever since I decided that Leopard was not a trend but a classic, I started looking out for different pieces. I didn’t even know Georgina had that bracelet until she had a 60% off sale.

      Take care, and have a good week xox


  2. Love your nature collage, superb! I love when my iris start coming through, and their colour and detail brings me joy, but oh how clever of you to mix them all up together! Hugs, m’dear x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mary. When i saw that Leopard with those purple eyes, I knew a collage had to happen. I’m surprised that I never thought of the purple/brown combo before, but, quite honestly, I’ve only just started getting into purple and lavender last summer. That’s probably why it never dawned on me. I would imagine that “dressing like an iris” is something we usually would even think about!
      Take care and have a wonderful week xox


    1. Thank you. Brigid, I wear a lot of brown and this year, I’ve just tried to find different ways to interpret it to make things more interesting. I like baby blue and brown together too, but haven’t really done anything on the blog with it. There are so many different varieties of irises these days, but the purple ones are still the dearest to me. Around here, they grow wild.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this colour combination, I recently styled green with leopard which worked well, but I think I prefer you combination better. I do hope you’ll stop over and link on my #chicandstylish linkup party. x Jacqui Mummabstylish


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