Loving My Red Paisley-2nd Loved 1st Friday #3

This 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup is all about Paisley. Yes, Paisley, the classic pattern that can be preppy, bohemian, exotic, and can harken back to the hippy dippy 60’s.

I love paisley, not the red bandana kind, but the rich exotic patterns. Luckily I have managed to find three pieces this year on my thrifting excursions and, better yet, they have been red.

Look #1 (below) features a red paisley Casual Corner skirt with a back crossover shirred top (Style & Co) along with a nifty red necklace. The black straw handbag dates from the early 1980’s. I’ve kept it all this time because it is well made from Italy. Plus it just has a fun shape.

Black shoes would have been the sensible answer here. But it seems I’ve had something black on my feet often lately.  So I decided to go with red textured flats (Enzo Angiolini). Everything in Look #1 was thrifted with the exception of the red necklace, which I won at an Urban Suburban (fund raiser for The Epsten Art Gallery) silent auction.


Last week, Jodie of Jodie’s Sense of Style had a few posts about what we wear when we travel. Inspired by Jodie, Look #2 (below) is my perfect road trip look; pants, easygoing top, and one big bag!

I spied these Ralph Lauren pants while I was in the check out line at the Joplin Goodwill and just reached over and grabbed them! I just kept the faith they were going to fit. The red silk scarf (also from Joplin Goodwill) has actually been on vacation with me and was in a post last summer about my road trip capsule wardrobe.

The chain belt from The Limited has been hanging around my closet for years. I recall spending weeks on eBay waiting for the right one to appear and this one was the winner. I’m back in the market for a silver one and have a few saved from Poshmark, The RealReal, and eBay. The sandals, Coach bucket bag, and Merona top were all bought new.


Back in ’83, I thought I looked so cool wearing these sunnies!

red glasses


Ready for more red? This spring, red was big on the runway (see the pic at the end). I don’t mind a bit of red. Probably I’ll forego the “all-in” red look. I think a bit can spice up a wardrobe and my current obsession with red paisley makes my point.

Red is coming whether we are ready for it or not! Vogue couldn’t wait until fall and already has a red layout in their June, 2017 issue. What do you think? Are you going for red-maybe just a little?



Photo sourced from Max Mara-Runway show Fall ’17

2nd Loved 1st Friday Blogger Spotlight



This Weeks spotlight is on Maggie of Thrift Shop Fashionista. Maggie is the thrifter’s thrifter. I am estimating that about 90% of Maggie’s styles are thrifted. I first discovered her on Instagram and only then found her blog. I’ll even do a little PR for her in letting you know she also runs The Plum Shoppe on eBay for some of her great finds.

And It’s Time For This Month’s 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup!

Any post on a blog, Instagram, Facebook or the like can linkup to this style celebration. If you can copy and paste the URL in the Linky box, you are good to go!

If you do not have a whole 2nd Loved outfit for the linkup, even just one item is quite OK—a hat, skirt, pants, shoes, purse, or a piece of jewelry.  That item (or items) can be from a thrift shop, eBay, consignment shop, vintage boutique, one of the online consignment shops such as RealReal–or even something a friend gave you because they didn’t want it anymore.

When you do post, I would appreciate a description about your 2nd Loved item (or items), what type of shop you found it and what drew you to it. Tell as much or as little as you want.


If you have never participated in a linkup before, no fear. Go to Linkup 101 guide that is found on my 2nd Loved 1st Friday linkup page (also found at the top in the tab section).

The party starts today and stays open for the whole month. You can add as many links as you want and they can be from Instagram, Facebook or your blog. Hop around to see what other participants are up to. It makes for more fun! If you have any questions about the linkup, ask away.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Just click the frog below to link up and join the fun!

And have a great week and I will see you again with my usual Sunday post.

Until next time, Happy Styling!


Michael gets credit as the photographer for today’s post with the exception of the photo from the Max Mara

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29 thoughts on “Loving My Red Paisley-2nd Loved 1st Friday #3

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, and I love that you would look nice for a road trip too!! In fact–those pants are just gorgeous!! Maybe that’s another secret to travelling—print pants probably don’t show wrinkles as much??
    I included my outfit with my favorite pair of thrifted shoes. I was at Goodwill and found them. Since I’m not much for knowing name brands much, it wasn’t until I got home and decided I should google the name. They are Stuart Weitzman sandals that retailed for over $200!! And I got them for $7!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like bits of red here and there and used in patterns. I’m thinking I will probably try to incorporate it more. That for the comment about the lush green background-some of that background needs to be weeded! LOL


  2. Love the color….and that max mara model in all red model looks fab, it’s not just the color but the textures. Wow!


  3. I love embracing the resurgence of classic old time motifs like gingham, eyelet, and paisley. I’m not a fan of the color red, but the color can be incorporated very nicely as you’ve done with your skirt and pants, both gems.


    1. Eugenia, I am with you one on the interest of older motifs. I don’t think I ever really left them, especially those associated with woolens such as herringbone, plaid and hounds-tooth. also, like you I am very careful about how I wear my red and always try to tone it down a bit.


  4. I love red Terri and your print is lovely! I do love accents of red brightening an outfit such as your lovely scarf, shoes and bag. Ive gotten back from my relatives and still wanted to link up. I found a great deal on Poshmark and linked up my Anthropologie ruffled trench coat I bought for $45.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx


    1. Thank you for thinking of my linkup. Again, your coat is fantastic and you make such a great case for finding great stylish items on Poshmark rather than reaching for fast fashion. Are there other online second hand sites you shop at or is Poshmark always your go-to? This is such a good example of going for good style and well constructed style rather than fast cheap fashion. Thank you again for sharing your style on my linkup.


  5. You know, I rarely find prints I like, but I rarely find paisley I don’t like. So I’m loving your finds and how you’ve styled them. I wish I could do lush outdoor shots like you do, mine always come out bleached and give me a pale (but not interesting!) face which I definitely don’t have. So well done you, working your magic in the garden again!


    1. I agree about the prints, Mary-same here. I use to get so frustrated because my sister would always find (still does) all these great prints and they look fabulous on her. I have always struggled. You rarely see me in a print. I find more printed fabric I like and I think that is the reason I’ve started back sewing. But I agree about paisley but I have not really seen it in years and to find a skirt and pants within two months of each other was amazing to me. I may branch out into blue paisley next. And the Liberty of London fabrics_I drool over their paisleys-it the price that keeps me from sewing with them-some day though………


    1. Thanks Kate and glad you found this page. Every 1st Friday of the month is when I have my linkup. WordPress won’t let me have it on my post page, however which is a bummer.


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