My Sew Sew Life-The Timeless Flattering Draped Neckline/Simplicity 1716

One of my favorite neckline styles has always been draped. Draped necklines can take on so many different vibes, from casual, romantic, classic day wear, and just down right sexy.

The irony is that I’ve never worn one. Two weeks ago, I fixed that problem and made a draped top for myself. Finally, I got one of my Craftsy sewing kits that I had for two years out of a drawer and got to work (one Craftsy kit done-two to go).


My version takes the casual avenue. This is a navy and grey stripped medium weight cotton knit which drapes wonderfully. The top also has shirring at the lower sides which is created by stretching elastic as it is sewn in. This shirring seems to balance the neckline drape. However, the shirring is not necessary if you wanted a more straight line.

For this top, I put together two looks. Look #1 is very casual with grey skinny skinny Madewell jeans (eBay) and my boring but handy navy Keds. My bag for this look is really black and beige, but I really like it with this top and jeans….no logical reason, just do.


Look #2 below: The Fedora is a cheap Mudd that I picked up at Kohls. I’m not crazy about its quality but hey, it was only $6. Do you see the real wild carnivore lurking on the right?

I’ve worn these wide-legged White House/Black Market thrifted pants often this spring. They are wide-legged and long. Heels look great with wide legs, so I am just fine with that! Has anyone else been enamored with wider legs lately? I had forgotten how elegant even jeans can be in this style. They just look more dressy and cool in my book.


I don’t have any grey summer mules, sandals or whatever, so I went for neutrals. The open toed booties have been on here before and I picked them up on clearance in Joplin at Sophie. They come with a story. When I bought them, of course, I had to show my daughter, Michelle, whose reaction was, “I almost bought them last week, but didn’t.” My kid and I sometimes have incredibly similar tastes. Now she is going to borrow them from me (she has already told me the time & occasion) rather than visa versa!

The bag is one of my vintage Rodos. It has a chain if I want it. I carry this one a lot in the summer.

Standing in front of my long neglected flower garden, I am really trying to turn over a new leaf and work in it a bit every day. That grass by my feet is gone! The petunias already in mid summer’s bloom were over-wintered by Michael under basement shop lights.

A close up of the lower side shirring.


The Craftsy sewing kit came with Simplicity 1716 which is still available and has so many options.


I went on a bit of window shopping for this one and came up with three of my favorite draped neckline looks. First up is the Sylvia from Covered Perfectly which is the perfect four season top.

Covered Perfectly

I love the drape and color of this summer top.


Rachel Roy’s digital print is so versatile.


Even the goddess Athena knew the importance of having a draped neckline in a lady’s closet. 


Athena surrounded by draped necklines from the decades. I especially love the bottom left because it was for hand knitters in the early 60’s.


2nd Loved 1st Friday Style Feature

This week, for my blogger feature, I am being the proud Mom. I am featuring daughter Michelle. She linked up a style in which not only did she make the jacket from thrifted fabric but also used a thrifted pattern. Michelle is the one who opened my eyes with the possibilities of thrift shops. I did some thrifting before, but just in Florida when I visited my sister. Only until I saw the cool things Michelle was doing with her finds, did I make thrifting an important component of my fashion philosophy.


That wraps it up for this style adventure. So adieu until the next time …….

Happy Styling!


Remember, you can still link up to May’s 2nd Loved 1st Friday until the next 1st Friday in June. It would be great to tell us what you have used that is “not new but new to you such as things from thrift shops or on-line consignment shops, etc. So if you have found that second hand gem, get it on, snap a picture, post on social media and linkup HERE

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Michael gets credit for the blog fashion photos today.

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18 thoughts on “My Sew Sew Life-The Timeless Flattering Draped Neckline/Simplicity 1716

  1. Like you, I love a draped top and the weird thing is that I only have one draped top and it happens to be striped!! I’m in awe of the fact that you made that shirt. With the flares–I can’t–I just love that entire look so much! Thank you for making me realize that I need to add more draping to my wardrobe!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t have any draped neckline things – maybe I should try. I’m very much in awe that you make clothes – I used to some time ago, but not any more.

    You look great, btw, and especially the one where you’re looking directly at the camera with that great hat. I’ve got two of those, one in black and one in neutral but not a grey one – must get one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Penny and I just got a new summer Fedora but haven’t gotten to wear it yet. My sewing is getting better. I still not up to the level I was twenty years ago when I stopped but I’m working on it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I do think this detail is super for any woman!! I remember a bathing suit that had this draping/ruching back in high school—and it covered all the lumps & bumps!! Of course you don’t have any lumps to hide, Terri—and your sewing skills are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think your right about hiding stuff, although I never thought about it. Thanks for the sewing complement. My skills aren’t what they were but I did take twenty years off LOL, I just got to busy with the sheep, showing them and fleeces, spinning and knitting. Things are a more balanced now. But I see that it’s about time for the Estes Park Fiber Festival. Have you ever been? I think you would love it. I’ll probably never get back to it but enjoyed it immensely the two times we were there.


  5. Lovely seamstress work on creating your first top with a draped neckline Terri! It drapes beautifully and I really enjoy that the brim of your fedora is slightly floppy. It provides a wonderful accent to the neckline and you can’t beat the price. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I never thought about the brim accenting the neckline and I think you’re right! I didn’t have anything for last month but am so happy to get to link up again. The hat’s brim is still just to unruly for me but as you said, it was a deal.


    1. Nicole, I never thought about it that way. I always have to wear things higher because of the opposite problem. That is what I like about this one, it’s now low so I don’t have to worry about cleavage.


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