Going Up◊Coming Down

I really do look forward to summer with its greenery and blue skies. But I also know, that I will sure miss my black leggings. Leggings have been a boon to my closet, adding  versatility for so many things. A good example of this is my Simply Vera shift dress that I picked up at Kohls on sale during March. With a little initiative on my part, I have a dress that becomes a tunic with leggings but can quickly change into a dress for summer.


I like wearing dresses as much as the next but we had a pretty cold March. My bare legs wanted leggings. But my dress seemed too long. So out came the thread and needle and up went the hem–about four inches. At times like this, knowing the simple slip stitch is very handy. Because of that, I got to wear my Simply Vera on some pretty chilly days.

For the colder legging look, I personally pretty much wear black flats (this time around by Michael Kors). A dress this graphic doesn’t need much as far as jewelry so I usually wear my Cydney Ross Sticks and Stones necklace. This blue suede bag by Kelsi Dagger is one of my favorite totes. It holds tons and I love all those metallic studs!


But now that it’s warmed up, I let the hem down and pair it with some sandals and a straw bag and I have a late spring/early summer dress.

opening summer

A summer essential for me, the black straw bag is an Eric Javit’s Squishee Clip Handbag.  Nine West came out with this sandal design years ago, Raffy. At the time, they were pretty cutting edge, now pretty mainstream, but still a favorite for me–I have two colors.


Such a perfect dress for a retired art teacher, I think. The main attraction for me with this shift were the vibrant colors used in an abstract expressionist design. A few other details I like: the V notches on the sleeve backs, the sheer binding around the neck, and actual pockets (pretty rare these days).


I had polish to match! This is Zoya’s Saint from their 2016 Holiday collection. Although it’s hard to tell here, Saint is a beautiful periwinkle blue holographic with a magenta shift. And Cheryl Eve Acosta’s ring just glows with this dress and polish! The understated Cydney Ross Sticks and Stones necklace seems just right.


Getting Back to That Hem

I’ve said a few times that it doesn’t hurt to have some hand sewing skills and the Slip Stitch is about the best one I know. I found a good technique video from Crafty and am including the link just below. You will have to go off blog to see it (WordPress doesn’t let me to upload videos). It also covers the Blind Hem Stitch, which I have never done. Mom didn’t do it, didn’t teach me it, and I just never thought about it. But after watching these instructions, I am going to try it out next time I need a hem. So it’s true when they say you are never too old to learn something new!

2nd Loved 1st Friday Style Feature

Jessica linked up this month with something that struck a chord with me. She purchased her clutch from Poshmark. I get a large majority of my handbags this way too. If there wan’t a second hand market I wouldn’t have designers like Eric Davits, Anthony Luciano or YSL. It might just be a lot of fun to go to Postmark, type in your favorite designer or favorite sale of bag and see what pops up.


Links To Places and Designers Mentioned in This Article

Cheryl Eve Acosta

Cydney Ross


Elegantly Dress and Stylish


Simply Vera by Vera Wang (for Kohls)

Zoya’s Saint

That wraps it up for this style adventure. So adieu until the next time …….

Happy Styling!


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22 thoughts on “Going Up◊Coming Down

  1. I absolutely love this “dress” Terri!! But then I usually love Simply Vera’s pieces that aren’t black!!
    My mom has a hemmer machine, but I’m going to watch this video to see if I could do this instead!! Thanks, Terri!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have always had hemmer attachments but always have gone the way of the hand-it seemed that the stitches the hemmer makes on the outside. (at least when I tried it). And there’s a thing about Vera-I always like her things on the racks but most of the time they look bad on me. For some reason this dress liked my body.


  2. First I thought​:oh those colors, I love that! What a great tunic! Then I thought: without the legging it s even better! And then I said out loud:omg, that ring is fabulous! Do I need to say more!😂😂😂


    1. Hey Nancy, thanks for dropping by. You’re so right with something like this being great at two functions. The problem was I would not wear it as a dress as short as I needed to wear it as a tunic with my leggings. The blind stitch comes in so handy for something like this. And about the ring. Cheryl Eve Acosta is my favorite jewelry designer in the world (I don’t say that around town because I like other designers too). It’s just her things are expensive; she does make everything she sales. I admired her designs for six years and finally just did it. The ring was not cheap but I will wear it for the rest of my life and it’s something to pass to my daughters. I am saving for my next piece from her-they are investments.


  3. You know–I was looking at your photo and thinking “Wow–she looks really familiar!” Then I saw your name and realized I follow you on Instagram!! I saw the pic on the not dressed as lamb link. Too funny!! I didn’t realize you had a blog–we’re wordpress neighbors!! Glad I clicked on the “follow”!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, hello to you too! In turn, I didn’t know you had a blog either. Instagram is just a world of it’s own and I find that the two rarely connect so I am happy they did this time!


    1. Jessica, the sandals aren’t around anymore. I probably got them around 2011. I have many things on my like list but I’m going to have to skip Poshmark this month because Rebecca Minkoff had a clearance sale and I picked up a new pair of boots for next yea.


  5. Blue looks super with your hair colour. Such a nifty idea with the dress hemming, giving you two items clothing. I watched the video directly on your blog. Fortunately I was taught the stitches as a child, which I’ve used so much over the years. It’s a shame that sewing is no looked on as necessary skill. I’m going to teach my granddaughter the fundamentals, she’s already started sewing on her little machine. I think it’s vital to encourage the can-do approach whilst they’re young.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, for teaching her. My oldest tried to sew when she was younger but it finally took about two years ago (when she was 40) and now just goes to town. The youngest has never had any interest outside of using it in her art. I am suppose to teach one of my friends to sew but we just haven’t set up times. I think there might be a resurgence with the Millennial generation.


  6. I love your dress! The colours are beautiful…and it has pockets! Your ring is absolutely stunning…I have never seen one like it before. I’ve googled and bookmarked the website…I need one of those rings in my life!

    Emma xxx


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